Wadada Leo Smith Tour Dates in Philly / Burlington / NY and More

From Wadada Leo Smith:

Trumpeter/composer Pulitzer finalist Wadada Leo Smith performs three dates with his Golden Quartet – Smith with pianist Anthony Davis, bassist John Lindberg and drummer Pheeroan akLaff – in Philadelphia, Burlington and Brooklyn.

* Friday, June 5 at the Clef Club in Philadelphia, PA
8 p.m. performance. $15 general admission. Presented by Ars Nova Workshop. http://www.arsnovaworkshop.com/events

* Saturday, June 6 at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Burlington, VT
10 p.m. performance. $25. http://discoverjazz.com/calendar-2/#!programmation=artist$wadada-leo-smith-s-golden-quartet/39

* Sunday, June 7th at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
8 p.m. performance. Tickets $20; $15 for students/seniors. http://www.bqcm.org/concerts.htm

Wadada also has performances coming up in Chicago, NYC, Lisbon, Brent and Paris, France:

* Friday, June 26 & Saturday, June 27 with mEm3 at Constellation, Chicago
8:30 p.m. Tickets $15 – $20. Featuring Douglas Ewart & Mike Reed. http://www.constellation-chicago.com/event/855185-wadada-leo-smith-douglas-chicago/

* Saturday, July 11 with Aruan Ortiz at Vision Festival, NYC
7:30 p.m. at Historic Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square S

* Saturday, August 8 Wadada Leo Smith’s Great Lakes Quartet, Jazz Em Agosto, Lisbon, Portugal

* August 9 – 18, Wadada Leo Smith – Banff Centre, Canada

* Sunday, September 6 with Muhal Richard Abrams Ensemble at Chicago Jazz Festival
8:30 p.m.

* Saturday, October 10 with John Zorn and Milford Graves – NYC

* Friday, October 16 AACM NY Chapter 50th Annivesary Concert, NYC

* Sunday, October 18 Duo with Mike Reed, Penn de Jazz Festival, Brent, France

* Monday, October 19 Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet, Paris, France

* October 11 – 29, Exhibition of Wadada Leo Smith Ankhrasmation scores at Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago.
Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, 5811 S Ellis Ave, 4th Floor, Chicago

* October 24 – Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet panel discussion and concert at Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago.
7 p.m. performance in 9th Floor Performance Penthouse at 915 E 60th Street, Chicago.
Preceding the concert, at 4 p.m., will be a panel conversation on improvisation in music. Both are free and open to the public.

* October 25 – Wadada Leo Smith Solo Concert and reception, University of Chicago
3 p.m. in the Renaissance Society Gallery at 5811 S Ellis Avenue, 4th Floor, Chicago. Free and open to the public.

AMN Reviews: Christopher DeLaurenti – To the Cooling Tower, Satsop (GD Stereo)

434Seattle´s Christopher DeLaurenti on an urban excursion in deterratorialized space. To the Cooling Tower, Satsop is the second offering from GD Stereo´s Improvisational Architecture series, housed in a niftily tactile, oversize letter press edition. Satsop was supposed to be one of twin nuclear power plants intended to bookend Washington state. Cooling towers and a network of tunnels were completed but the project failed twenty-five years ago and the area was fenced off. DeLaurenti entered these forgotten figments of progress, and in its passageways discovered an environment “that altered my sense of depth, space and presence.”

Slogging through the bilge water of this decrepit flagship, he heads for the cooling tower. Within, there is the splash of each step and crazy acoustics only a big, cement tube can produce, and without, there is melody – it could be the song of huge machinery heard from some distance, but it is an insidiously pleasing overture nonetheless. When it falls silent, the undeafening roar of air passing by him scores DeLaurenti´s quest, which was completed, entrance to exit, in exactly the amount of time recorded, forty-four minutes and five seconds.

Oddly enough, this rubber booted, cemented and probably filthy trek is romantically nostalgic, for who as a kid exploring local ravines didn´t discover some unknown tunnel or culvert that just had to be spelunked?


Stephen Fruitman

Clarinetist Perry Robinson to Appear in LA

From the Glendale News Press:

Jazz has always had its share of mavericks, iconoclasts and will-o’-the-wisps. These outliers have continually spiked the music’s punch with their unique musical visions. New York-based clarinet virtuoso Perry Robinson has been all three, often at the same time. Though he’s gone his own stylistic way, he’s been able to comfortably insinuate himself in any number of settings on the edge of the jazz margins. Robinson has appeared in SoCal before — usually in the company of pianist Darius Brubeck’s Two Generations of Brubeck band of the 1970s. But Sunday’s recital at Alex Cline’s Open Gate Theatre series in Eagle Rock marks the first local date where the 76-year-old clarinetist works under his own name. It’s a much-anticipated event.

Vital Weekly 985 Reviews

From Vital Weekly:

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