Revolutionary Eruption: The Violent Sound of Magma and Musical Fusion in 1970s France

Photo du concert de Magma à la salle des Fetes...

From Tropics of Meta:

The sound of Zeuhl developed over the course of several albums. On their first recording, 1970’s Magma, the group instead favored the common musical inspirations of other progressive groups: blues, psychedelia, and free jazz. While drawing from similar influences as those groups involved in the political struggle, Magma did not directly engage with the political struggles of the New Left and at times was at odds with the rest of the French progressive scene. Magma, for example, did not participate in the groupuscules seeking to unify political groups and rock bands. The group was sympathetic to some aspects of the New Left but distinguished their musical efforts from those of other progressive groups; as singer Klaus Blasquiz asserted, “We are Leftists at heart and anarchists in deed [but] we are not in favor of militancy.”