James Saunders & Dominic Lash in Bristol UK

From Bang the Bore:

Lab Notes featuring the Set Ensemble
St. George’s, Brandon Hill, Bristol
Sunday 31 May, 6pm (doors 5.30pm)
£3 on the door

Dr Kate Hendry (University of Bristol): Ancient Oceans and Climate

Dominic Lash: Preferential uptake (2015)

Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo (University of Bath): Electric bugs used to detect water pollution

James Saunders: different water environments (2015)

Set Ensemble play two new pieces created through collaboration between scientists and composers. James Saunders has been working with chemical engineers Mirella Di Lorenzo and Jon Chouler from University of Bath to explore the processes found in microbial fuel cells. Dominic Lash has collaborated with bioeochemist Kate Hendry from University of Bristol to make a piece that engages with palaeoclimate methodology, which uses indirect chemical records to understand the links between past oceans and climate. The event will include performances of both pieces, prefaced by a short talk by each of the scientists.