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AMN Reviews: Artificial Memory Trace – Anouran Love Songs (Gruenrekorder) & Synkronika (noise-below/Tentacles of Perception Recordings)

Oh, the places you´ll go! The things you´ll hear. Artificial Memory Trace trades as Slavek Kwi. He calls Ireland his home but one wonders if the Czech immigrant isn´t really at home wherever anything makes a sound, given the breadth and depth of his field recording art.

152_1A boyhood fascination with frogs tadpoled into a huge fresco of Amazonian amphibia, recorded over the course of several years around lakes Mamori and Yuma in Brazil, sewn into seventy-two seamless fragments, stored on a USB flash card and going on for hours. Anouran Love Songs is a masterful Audubonian accomplishment and a remarkable extended listening experience. Copies are sold out at Gruenrekorder but still available through Kwi´s website:

R-7009254-1431591877-4817.jpegSynkronika is more of the same but different, a symphony of jungles including the Brazilian Amazon but also South Africa, Basque Country and Ireland, far shorter (but still almost eighty minutes) but more “avant” in terms of conducting an entire zoo of feral, man-made and domesticated wild life (including one house cat that does not seem happy to be included) into six diverse collages and ambient floatation devices.

Stephen Fruitman

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