AMN Reviews: Magma – Félicité Thösz (2012; Seventh Records)

cover_1848191852012_rFélicité Thösz is a departure for the modern Magma lineup. While featuring guitar and vibraphone, the album squarely revolves around vocals, piano, bass, and drums. Further, the thirty-minute title track is a suite of shorter songs. The longest of these, Tëha, is the most memorable with compelling melodies and lead singing by Stella Vander. While each track has a beauty of its own, the epic feel of a Magma composition is largely absent. A notable exception would be Tsaï!, which features a violent vocal chant over an intense theme performed by the entire group. Les Hommes Sont Venus, which ends the album but is not part of the Félicité Thösz suite, is almost a pure vocal piece, with some bells in the background laying down a simple repetitive rhythm.

Note: This is a retro-review for an upcoming Magma retrospective. Stay tuned.