‘Free at First: The Audacious Journey of the AACM

From WSJ:

The AACM has long offered sustenance and support to musicians steeped in jazz tradition yet unwilling to be confined by it. Through a half-century, the organization has grown from a collective of ambitious Chicago musicians to an engine of creative inspiration and practical outreach that has touched nearly all corners of modern music.


Improvising Beings New Releases

From Improvising Beings:

IB34 – Henry Herteman, Roule Ta Salive (trombone solo)
IB35 – Luc Bouquet (drums), Jean Demey (double bass), Ove Volquartz (bass and contrabass clarinets), Kind Of Dali
IB36 – Itaru Oki, Axel Dörner, Root Of Bohemian (trumpet & flueglhorn duets)
IB37 – Gene Janas, Vinnie Paternostro, Jay Reeve, Michel Kristof, Julien Palomo, United Slaves (double CD; free/fusion/noise)

Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

Paal Nilssen-Love
Paal Nilssen-Love

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

Thursday, April 23 – 8pm ($15-12)
at First Unitarian Congregational Society: 116 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn

James Rushford performs Fluxorum Organum, an overlooked and mesmerizing durational work for pipe organ by late Danish artist Henning Christiansen. Originally composed to accompany Joseph Beuys‘s 1967 action Eurasienstab, the first performances took place in 1967 in Vienna, and 1968 in Antwerp, with manipulated tape recordings of the work played back during Beuys’s performance.

Fluxorum Organum is a rare example of Christiansen’s fully notated compositions, demonstrating an atypical elegance and moving intimacy often overshadowed by his more bombastic collage-based work. James Rushford interprets the mammoth score in its purest form, as an unaccompanied solo piece, in the beautiful surrounds of the First Unitarian Congregational Society.

Thu, May 7
Tectonics NY: Works by Nate Young & Mario Diaz de Leon, Klaus Lang, Morton Feldman & Annea Lockwood

Fri, May 8
Tectonics NY: David Behrman, James Rushford & Klaus Lang, Julius Eastman, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Barbara Monk Feldman, John McGuire

Sat, May 9
Tectonics NY: Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain V, Maya Dunietz, Fritz Welch, TILT play William Dougherty

Fri, May 22
David Rosenboom: Zones of Influence

Sat, May 23
David Rosenboom: Advanced Brain-Computer Interfacing in the Arts

Sat, May 23
David Rosenboom: Ringing Minds & Choose Your Universe

Sun, May 24
David Rosenboom: Continental Divide & How Much Better If Plymouth Rock Had Landed On The Pilgrims

Sat, Jun 13
Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit

Tue, Jun 16
Sabisha Friedberg: The Hant Variance

Sat, Jun 20
SOLD OUT! Dead Moon, J Mascis, Borbetomagus, Das Audit

Vital Weekly 979

From Vital Weekly:

Claudio Parodi – Prima Del Terzo (Cd by Unfathomless) *
Manrico Montero – Sisal (Cd by Unfathomless) *
Visionary Hours – Footfalls Echo (Cd by Hibernate Records) *
Kapital – Chaos to Chaos (Cd by Instant Classics) *
Dead City Voice – Remix Project (Cd by Instant Classics)
Alexander Macsween – the Squiggle Game (Cd by Et Records) *
Entre Vifs – No Signal (Cd by Impulsy Stetoskopu) *
Denier Du Culte – Messe Around (2cd by Impulsy Stetoskopu) *
Quiet Music Ensemble – the Mysteries Beyond Matter (Cd by Farpoint Recordings) *
Networks – Dynamic Nature (Cd by Wonderyou) *
Naph – Estuary (Cd by Ambiencephono) *
Igor – Fast &Amp; Slow (Lp by Lamour)
Pro424 – Immune (Lp by Lamour)
Elian – Cutting up the Sun (Cdr by the Long Story Recording Company) *
Michael Thomas Jackson – Have You Been Seeing Me Living in a Hat (Cdr by Primecuts) *
Fi-aged #9 – Live-fi (Cdr by Primecuts) *
Brandon Hurtado – Other Spaces (Cdr by Moreau) *
Sergey Kostyrko &Amp; Rutger Zuydervelt – Beginner’s Luck (Cassette by Spina! Records)
Addz (Cassette by Spina! Records)
Jelena Glazova &Amp; Grigorij Avrorin/bisamratta (Cassette by Spina! Records)
Gaute Granli – Ingen Potetsekk Whatsoever (Cassette by Skussmaal)
Art of the Memory Palace – This Life Is but a Passing Dream (Cassette by Static Caravan) *
J. Surak – Dillhole and Fashion Delete (Cassette by Zeromoon)
Martin Tetreault – Sofa So Good (Cassette by Tanuki Records)
Jeremy Young – Chants Beneath the Bed of the Furnace Brook (Cassette by Palaver Press)

Igloo Magazine Reviews

From Igloo Magazine:

Dronelock & Ontal :: The Topics (Shadow Story)
Zen Land :: Zen Land (Warped)
Summons of Shining Ruins :: Haruka (Moufu-Rokuon)
Ben Fleury-Steiner :: While The Red Fish Sleeps (Soft Corridor)
Alphaxone :: Altered Dimensions (Cryo Chamber)
Ballerini :: Beautiful Ground (Oak Editions)
Franck Kartell :: La jetée d’Orly (Bass Agenda)
Badun :: s.o.t.s. Respace (Schematic Music Co.)

Tim Berne’s Snakeoil at the Jazz Standard Reviewed

English: Tim Berne, jazz saxophonist; Picture ...
Tim Berne

From NYTimes.com:

There’s a coolheaded but decisive tension between moment-to-moment details and the arc of a larger design in the recent music by the alto saxophonist Tim Berne. That conceptual push and pull has been a hallmark of his working band, Snakeoil, since its auspicious debut album several years ago. Still, it probably hasn’t had a more potent distillation than “Embraceable Me,” the composition that closed the band’s first set at the Jazz Standard on Tuesday night.

Mikroton New Releases

From Mikroton:

Burkhard Beins / Enrico Malatesta / Michael Vorfeld / Christian Wolfarth / Ingar Zach

The international quintet Glück combines percussionists of diverse stripes and their individual pronounced ways of playing. The five musicians are internationally renowned as soloists and with various musical outfits. An extremely sound orientated, fragile and transparent approach to their idiosyncratic percussion sets is what they all have in common. From diverse conjoint long-term projects (Vorwolf, Malatesta/Wolfarth, Misiiki) arose the shared wish to put the musical experiences made within these collaborations into a wider context. By means of compositional and improvisational methods the quintet creates new forms of contemporary percussion music, their own discreet language and a distinctive group aesthetic.

Simon James Phillips
Blage 3

Exploration of time, perception and place is the recurring theme of the work of Simon James Phillips. Blage 3 was an extended installation and performance piece curated by Phillips — a one-off five hour uninterrupted improvisation with an ensemble of six of Berlin’s most visible experimental artists – Tony Buck (drums and percussion), Werner Dafeldecker (double bass), BJ Nilsen (electronics), Liz Allbee (trumpet), Arthur Rother (guitar) and Simon James Phillips (piano).


Formed in 2011 by Angélica Castelló, Mario de Vega, Attila Faravelli and Burkhard Stangl, the Austrian-Mexican-Italian quartet SQID focuses on live sound art and sound performances that push the bounds of the conventional formats of the concert and recording situation. In July 2012 SQID performed at the Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen festival and played a four-hour installative concert entitled “240” in the protestant church. The sound performance was so well received by the audience and critics that it triggered the production of this double CD for the Russian label Mikroton Recordings.

Klaus Filip / Noid / Andrey Popovskiy
Live At Teni Zvuka

The collaboration was born at Teni Zvuka 2014 | Mikroton Live 3. The trio played and recorded in Moscow and St. Petersburg. These two tracks come from St. Petersburg, one is a full version of their concert and another is taken from the recording session.