AMN Reviews: Marcus Fjellström – Epilogue -M- (Aagoo/REV. Laboratories)

Since he hasn´t released anything since 2013, busy instead answering the demands for his theatrical, multimedia and composing talents, we reflect on Epilogue -M-, Marcus Fjellström´s latest recorded offering. Graduating with honours in 2005 from the respected Piteå School of Music in northern Sweden, he has since ranged across Europe. His ability to swerve between the orchestra and the motherboard lies in his inherently democratic view of sound.

Although threadbare as a descriptor through repetition, many of Fjellström´s compositions can be justifiably characterized as “cinematic”. Each track on Epilogue -M- certainly creates mood. The opening “Dance Music 3” is a joyful bagatelle, a jungle jump round the campfire of a tribe on Saturn. Things quickly turn far more dark on “Puertos”, whose tympany only increase the sense of foreboding (on a cosmic, Holstian scale) and “Sinneslöschen” drags us back down to street level, its looped strings an alternative soundtrack to the scene of Harry Lime´s flight through the sewers of Vienna in “The Third Man”. “Penrosum” in the meantime could be called “Variations on the Theme from ´The Twilight Zone´”. “Explicator” is more incidental music, not that it is inconsequential, and with its orchestrated hiss “Pristine”, the closer, sounds like leaving the city in failure, to try again in another town.

Stephen Fruitman