Wadada Leo Smith Profiled

Wadada Leo Smith

From the Morning Star:

Smith was born in Leland, Mississippi, in 1941 and took up drums, French horn and mellophone as a boy before settling on trumpet. He played in R’n’B groups before becoming an early member of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), then formed the Creative Construction Company while sojourning in Paris with revolutionary musical confreres, violinist Leroy Jenkins and saxophonist Anthony Braxton.


Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Mats Gustafsson at Moers Festival, June 2006, ...
Mats Gustafsson

From Free Jazz:

Lorenzo Tucci & Fabrizio Bosso – Drumpet (Via Veneto, 2014) ***
Schlippenbach Trio – Features (Intakt, 2015) ****½
Daniel Carter & Federico Ughi – Extra Room (577 Records, 2015) ****½
Agustí Fernández &Amp; Mats Gustafsson – Constellation (Clamshell, 2014) *****
Agustí Fernández / Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard / Bjørn Heebøll – Amaranth (Discordian, 2015) ****½
Agustí Fernández / Johannes Nästesjö (Konvoj Records, 2014) ****
Huntsville – Pond (Hubro Music, 2015) ****
David Chevallier – Standards & Avatars (Cristal Records, 2015) ****½
Dennis Gonzalez’s Yells at Eels – In Quiet Waters (ForTune, 2014) ****

AMN Reviews: Marcus Fjellström – Epilogue -M- (Aagoo/REV. Laboratories)

Since he hasn´t released anything since 2013, busy instead answering the demands for his theatrical, multimedia and composing talents, we reflect on Epilogue -M-, Marcus Fjellström´s latest recorded offering. Graduating with honours in 2005 from the respected Piteå School of Music in northern Sweden, he has since ranged across Europe. His ability to swerve between the orchestra and the motherboard lies in his inherently democratic view of sound.

Although threadbare as a descriptor through repetition, many of Fjellström´s compositions can be justifiably characterized as “cinematic”. Each track on Epilogue -M- certainly creates mood. The opening “Dance Music 3” is a joyful bagatelle, a jungle jump round the campfire of a tribe on Saturn. Things quickly turn far more dark on “Puertos”, whose tympany only increase the sense of foreboding (on a cosmic, Holstian scale) and “Sinneslöschen” drags us back down to street level, its looped strings an alternative soundtrack to the scene of Harry Lime´s flight through the sewers of Vienna in “The Third Man”. “Penrosum” in the meantime could be called “Variations on the Theme from ´The Twilight Zone´”. “Explicator” is more incidental music, not that it is inconsequential, and with its orchestrated hiss “Pristine”, the closer, sounds like leaving the city in failure, to try again in another town.


Stephen Fruitman

John Geggie Interview

From the Ottawa Citizen:

The Geggie Series was discontinued for the 2013-2014 season, but Geggie that year was given one April 2014 show to program and strut his stuff with some Canadian invitees. The NAC’s largesse was extended again this season, and this Friday, Geggie will play host a potent meeting of horn players, Toronto’s Kelly Jefferson and Montreal’s Frank Lozano, with Montreal drummer Jim Doxas rounding out the quartet.

Lukas Ligeti 50th Birthday Performances June 11 and 14

When: Thursday, June 11 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Austrian Cultural Forum New York, 11 East 52nd Street, NYC, Train: E/M 53rd Street or B/D/F/M Rockefeller Center
Tickets: Free. Reservations are required. To reserve, visit acfny.org or call 212.319.5300.

Tangle (2006/08)
Performers: Thomas Bergeron (trumpet) + Candy Chiu (percussion)
Details: Tangle, for trumpet and percussion, was commissioned by the Borletti- Buitoni Trust for Colin Currie and Håkan Hardenberger.

Dust*** (2009)
Performer: Jennifer Hymer (kalimba)
Details: Dust was written for Hamburg-based pianist Jennifer Hymer. The kalimba, while frequently used in ethnic music, is surprisingly yet to be established as a solo new music instrument.

Play Addict (2013)
Performer: Jennifer Hymer (toy piano + digital sampler)
Details: Commissioned by Phyllis Chen, the bucolic, kinetic Play Addict premiered in New York City at Chen’s UnCaged Toy Piano Festival.

Lakoni in Kazonnde (2013)
Performers: Ben Reimer + David Cossin (drums)
Details: Written for Ben and David, this work for two drum sets premiered at the 2013 Bang on a Can Marathon. According to NewMusicBox.org, it is “a very impressive example of this integration. Inspired by Ghanian agogo bell traditions, Ligeti pits one drumset against another with intricate cross-rhythms overlaying on top of one another. It’s not as flashy as one might expect a double drumset piece to be, but infinitely more interesting.”

title tba*

Performers: Notebook – Lukas Ligeti (drums), Daniel Blake (saxophone), Lorna Krier (synthesizer), Eyal Maoz and Grey McMurray (electric guitars), and special guests tba

title tba*

Performers: Notebook, featuring Grey McMurray (guitar)

Kaleidoscope Point (2009)
Performers: Notebook – Lukas Ligeti (drums), Daniel Blake (saxophone), Lorna Krier (synthesizer), and Eyal Maoz and Grey McMurray (electric guitars)
Details: Kaleidoscope Point was written in 2009 for Notebook’s performance at the Whitney Museum. With Lukas on percussion, Notebook (formerly known as Kaleidoscope Point) explores the cross currents of classical, modernist, and world music.


When: Sunday, June 14 at 5:30 p.m.
Where: Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, Train: 2/3/4/5/D/M/N/R/B/Q Barclays Center
Tickets: $20/Students & Seniors $15. To purchase tickets, visit roulette.org or call 917.267.0363.


Performer: Vicky Chow (piano)
Details: Trinity was written in 2003 for pianist Jay Gottlieb’s album Continents.

Champagne for Urbana*

Performer: Vicky Chow (piano)
Details: Champagne for Urbana was written in 2006 for the 70th birthday of Ligeti’s composition teacher, Erich Urbanner.

Thinking Songs*

Performers: tba (marimba)
Details: Commissioned by a consortium of 16 U.S. marimba soloists, Thinking Songs is a five-movement piece; this premiere performance will be performed by five members of the consortium.

Castle of Turns*** (2007)
Performers: Ensemble mise-en
Conductor: Oliver Hagen
Details: Castle of Turns was commissioned in 2007 by the German concert hall Tonhalle Düsseldorf. It received its U.S. premiere at Eastman College.

Zambezi* (1999, new version 2015)
Performers: Ensemble mise-en
Conductor: Oliver Hagen
Details: Commissioned by London’s Icebreaker, Zambezi was written for the group’s extremely unusual instrumentation. Ligeti created a new version for chamber orchestra, which will be premiered here.

Surroundedness** (2012)
Performers: Ensemble mise-en
Conductor: Oliver Hagen
Details: This piece was commissioned in 2012 by the seminal Austrian chamber orchestra, Ensemble “die reihe”, to celebrate its 50th anniversary season.

title tba*

Performers: Ensemble mise-en
Conductor: Oliver Hagen
Details: Featuring the largest ensemble of all the program’s pieces, this new work is written for 15 musicians and commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.