Architeuthis Walks on Land and Miranda Cuckson in Troy, NY

From Troy’s EMPAC:

The viola and bassoon are not typically brandished in the pursuit of free improvisation and noise, but the duo Architeuthis Walks on Land brings fierceness and energy to these typically “orchestral” instruments. By way of extended techniques, bass amplification, and rich textures, Amy Cimini and Katherine Young create a space where composition, indeterminacy, and immediacy intersect.

Contrasting—yet complementing—the duo with a fluid elegance and grace, violinist Miranda Cuckson presents a set of complex and microtonal works for solo violin. Cuckson, a well-known performer in the new music scene, has built her reputation on technical refinement and beautiful tone. She will present music by Xenakis, Ferneyhough, and Haas.