Array Space Performances This Month

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Toronto Music Garden

From Toronto’s Arraymusic:

April at The Array Space. . .
The Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave.
2nd floor, Toronto, ON M6J 3W3

Friday, April 10 @ 8PM
The Music of John Mark Sherlock – Presented by Arraymusic
$20/$15 Students, Seniors, Arts&Culture Workers
$17 & $12 in Advance
Program: utopianism; lilac & aubergine; jettison (world premiere)
Featuring – The Array Ensemble: Stephen Clarke – piano; Eve Egoyan – piano; Adam Scime – double bass; Rick Sacks – percussion; David Schotzko – percussion; Linda Catlin Smith – keyboards; Branko Džinović – accordion

Sunday, April 12 @ 8PM
Amy Brandon + FASTER
$10 or PWYC
FASTER is Brian Abbot (guitar/electronics); Kayla Milmine (saxophone. They play a mix of free improvised music, abused jazz standards and punk songs!
Guitarist Amy Brandon’s original compositions and improvised pieces draw from the worlds of jazz, classical and experimental music creating evocative sonic landscapes.

Tuesday, April 14 @ 8PM
Audiopollination #27.1 – Presented by Somewhere There in assoc. w/Arraymusic
ALL AGES Welcome; $10 or PWYC
Lineup: Heidi Chan (flute); Jamie Thompson (flute); Brian Abbott (guitar/electronics); Jim Bailey (percussion/electronics); Kayla Milmine (sax); Steve Ward (trombone); Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion); Holger Schoort (guitar); Improvisuals by John Creson + Adam Rosen.

Wednesday, April 15 @ 8PM
Mira Benjamin & Isaiah Ceccarelli
About: London, U.K. based violinist Mira Benjamin and Montreal percussionist Isaiah Ceccarelli play a concert of solos and duos; Program includes Martin Arnold’s Slip Minuit (written for Mira) and Isaiah’s Oslo Harmonies.

Thursday, April 16 @ 8PM
Eldritch Priest: Boring, Formless Nonsense – Presented by Arraymusic
Line-up: Jason Doell (music box/compositions; Marc Couroux (piano); David Schotzko (perscussion); John Mark Sherlock (piano/keyboard); Paul Newman (saxophone); Cory Latkkovich (cello); Branko Dzinovic (accordion), Eldritch Priest (guitar).
About: Priest lectures on his recently published philosophical treatise Boring, Formless Nonsense – Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure: “… The failure ascribed to the music that I discuss here is a failure that describes my own discussion of the music. Its failure is my failure, a strange loop that lets me be both knight and knave, right and wrong, sincere and full of shit…” Come (or buy the book for the rest of the quote!) – EP

Sunday, April 19 @ 10AM
Making Music For Stories – Presented by Arraymusic
Featuring: Array’s Artistic Director Rick Sacks lead this workshop which he developed for children to help them musically illustrate a story. If you have children don’t think twice! Bring them! This is a beautiful afternoon for children to participate in and for you to enjoy.

Sunday, April 19 @ 1PM
Community Gamelan Meet-up – Presented by Arraymusic and The Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan monthly
Have a seat and join in the music making. These are fun, hands on Meet-Ups that bring people together to play beautiful Indonesian instruments. Along with a huge collection of percussion instruments including gongs, bowls, vibes, marimba, drums, djembe, congas, bells, chimes, shells and more, we also use Gamelan Instruments used in the recording of the soundtrack for Life of Pi (music by Mychael Danna).

Sunday, April 19 @ 8 PM
Audiopollination #29.2: Featuring CCMC – Presented by Somewhere There in assoc. w/Arraymusic
ALL AGES Welcome; $10 or PWYC
Lineup: John Oswald (saxophone); John Kamevaar (electronics/percussion); Germaine Liu (percussion); Michael Snow (piano); Paul Dutton (voice/harmonica); Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen.

Saturday, April 25 @ 8PM
Dirt Road: Music for Violin and Percussion
by Linda Catlin Smith – Presented by Arraymusic
$20/$15 Students, Seniors, Arts&Culture Workers
$17 & $12 in Advance
Featuring: Members of The Array Ensemble
“Dirt Road (2006) is an 50 minute work in 15 movements for violin and percussion. The work can be performed in its entirety or in any number of movements, in any order… I imagined the two instruments as two travelers, moving along a simple landscape with all of its slight or grand changes.” LCS (Toronto Arts Council supported the writing of this work.)

Sunday, April 26 @ 2PM
Toronto Improvisers’ Orchestra
Featuring: Eugene Martynec (conductor/laptop)
The TIO was formed to explore improvised music played by a large group of musicians. It uses a simplified version of hand signals made popular by Butch Morris. Come one, come all and join in!