Vital Weekly 980

Toshimaru Nakamura (performing with John Butch...
Toshimaru Nakamura

From Vital Weekly:

Ionosphere – Nighstcape (Cd by Loki-found) *
Derek Piotr – Bahar (Cd by Bit-phalanx) *
Sean Washburn – Wave Mantra (Cd by Gterma) *
Sij &Amp; Sergey Gabbasov – Zhang Zhung (Cd by Gterma) *
Hollan Holmes – Incandescent (Cd, Private) *
Toshimaru Nakamura &Amp; Many Arms (Cd by Public Eyesore) *
Smalts – In C (Cd by Blowpipe) *
Maurizio Bianchi &Amp; Saverio Evangelista – Micromal Sonorities (Cd by 13) *
Gianluca Favaron – Entretien (Cd by 13) *
Gianluca Becuzzi – Plays Limbo (Cd by Silentes) *
Hästköttskandalen – Spacegirls (Lp by Fylkingen)
Raaskalbomfukkerz – Vlucht Witte Raven (10” by Toztizok)
Core Shift – a Gentle Touch (Cd by Core Shift)
Eric Lunde – Short Bursts of Light (Book, 2cdrs, Lathe Cut 7″ by Torso and Such) *
Vertonen – 3the Decay That Stays Behind Lingers Beyond (2cdrs, 1 Dvdr, 1 Lathe Cut by Ballast) *
Ima &Amp; Atto Plain – Ima X Atto Plain (Cdr by Edgetone Records) *
Chefkirk &Amp; Andrew Quitter – Kaiju Manifestations (Cdr by Eh?)
Tietokoneduoj&j/lost Snivel (Cassette by Hyster Tapes)

New John Cage Archive Offers Access to His Compositions and Collaborations

From Hyperallergic:

Launched yesterday, a free online archive of John Cage performances presents a comprehensive overview of his career, from a watering can poured on national television to a rhythmic solo piano performance inspired by lost love. Making the Right Choices: A John Cage Celebration is a digital resource based on New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy’s 2013 festival in honor of the 100th anniversary of the late avant-garde composer’s birth.

Newsbits: Ingrid Laubrock Release / Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore Release / Astral Spirits Releases / Ben Goldberg Reviewed / Kidd Jordan Celebrated / Avant Music in Bristol UK

English: Ingrid Laubrock, moers festival 2010
Ingrid Laubrock

A new release from Ingrid Laubrock‘s Anti-House, Roulette of the Cradle is out soon on INTAKT Records. It features Mary Halvorson (g), Kris Davis (p), John Hébert (b), Tom Rainey (d), Laubrock (ss,ts,compositions) and Oscar Noriega (cl) guesting on two tracks.

A new release from Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore is also out.

Astral Spirits is releasing three new cassette-only albums, from Rob Mazurek, SSBT, and Mike Majkowski.

Ben Goldberg‘s Orphic Machine is reviewed.

Kidd Jordan will be celebrated at the New Orleans Jazz Fest.

Vilde & Inga, An Unnecessarily Justified With, and Seth Cooke will appear at Bristol UK’s Café Kino on Monday 11th May 2015.

François Carrier and Michel Lambert (Mostly) European Tour

From François Carrier:

May 13 : Resonance Café, Montreal, Canada
François Carrier – Michel Lambert

May 22 : Jazz Cerkno, Slovenia
François Carrier – Michel Lambert – John Edwards

May 24 : Alchemia Club, Krakow, Poland
May 25 : Recording session, Krakow, Poland
François Carrier – Michel Lambert – Rafal Mazur

May 27 : JFC Jazz Club, St. Petersburg, Russia
May 28 : ESG-21, St. Petersburg, Russia
François Carrier – Michel Lambert – Alexey Lapin

May 29 : Holland Church, St. Petersburg, Russia
François Carrier – Michel Lambert – Alexey Lapin – Victor Sobolenko

May 31 : Recording session, Moscow, Russia
June 1st : A. Koslov Club, Moscow, Russia
François Carrier – Michel Lambert – Alexey Kruglov + friends

June 3 : Jazz 825 at The Railway, Southend (London) UK
June 4 : Ryan’s Bar, Stoke Newington, London, UK
François Carrier – Michel Lambert

Atomic’s Lucidity Reviewed

English: Jazz-drummer Paal Nilssen-Love in con...
Paal Nilssen-Love

From Livemint:

Lucidity (2015) by Atomic, released a few weeks ago, makes for an excellent example of the unusual road that free jazz has travelled after its beginnings in fifties and sixties. A Scandinavian super group of reedman Fredrik Ljungkvist and trumpeter Magnus Broo from Sweden and pianist Håvard Wiik, bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and drummer Hans Hulbœkmo (who replaces the remarkable Paal Nilssen-Love in Lucidity) from Norway, the Atomic quintet has been exemplary purveyors of the fire music of Ayler, Coleman and Archie Shepp since the turn of the century.

Upcoming Nusica Shows in Italy


April 30th, 2 p.m. @ Sala Petrarca, Teatro MPX, Padova
International Jazz Day
Big Band Unipd (Università degli Studi di Padova)
director Alessandro Fedrigo
MusiCafoscari Ensemble (Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia)
director Nicola Fazzini
More info:

May 1st, 9 p.m. @ Spazio Aereo, Marghera, Venezia live @ “Power Acoustic Sunday”
Luigi Vitale and Luca Colussi “Stilelibero”
More info here and here

May 4th @ Radio Veneto Uno, Treviso
HYPER+ @ “Garage Music”, live and interview
More info here and here

May 16th, 9 p.m. @ Museo Toni Benetton, Mogliano Veneto, Treviso
Luigi Vitale and Luca Colussi “Stilelibero”
Info here

May 23rd, 11.30 a.m.
XYQuartet @ “Young Jazz Festival”, Foligno (PG) Info:

May 23rd, 9 p.m. introduces
Alessandro Fedrigo Solitario
Nicola Fazzini “Minimum Sax” Random2 (new release preview)
@ Casa del Jazz, Roma

June 10th @ Vitraria Glass +A Museum, Venezia
Nicola Fazzini – Minimum Sax
Info here: