Vital Weekly 975

English: Maya Dunietz on stage, 2006
Maya Dunietz

From Vital Weekly:

Susanna Gartmayer – Aouie (Cd by Chmafu Nocords) *
Takumi Seino – Book Apple (Cd by Vos)
Joao Camoes &Amp; Rodrigo Pinheiro &Amp; Miguel Mira – Earnear (Cd by Tour DE Bras)
Komuna//warszawa – Tautologos Iii (Cd by Populista) *
Rinus Van Alebeek &Amp; Michal Libera – Chambers (Cd by Populista) *
Ralf Meinz &Amp; Karolina Ossowska &Amp; Mikolay Palosz – LA Sonata in Sol Minore at Terzo Suono (Cd by Populista) *
Michal Libera – Tyto Alba (Cd by Bolt Records) *
_kelo &Amp; Michal Libera – Invisible City (Cdr by Grosser Larm) *
Las Vegas (Cd by off)
Pierre Henry – Choix D’oeuvres DE 1950 a 1985 (10 Lp Box by Vinyl on Demand) 8
the Legendary Pink Dots – Chemical Playschool 16 &Amp;18 (2cdr by the Terminal Kaleidoscope)
the Legendary Pink Dots – Premonition (Cdr by the Terminal Kaleidoscope)
Real Adult – Fake Person (Cassette by Gold Bolus Recordings)
Black Love – Soundtrack for Black Power (Cassette by Hertz Lion)
Silvia Kastel – Voice Studies 20 (Cassette by My Dance the Skull)
Sharon Gal – Voice Studies 19 (Cassette by My Dance the Skull)
Maya Dunietz – Voice Studies 18 (Cassette by My Dance the Skull)
Bert Scholten – Figuratieve Popmuziek (Cassette by Barreuh Records) *