AMN Reviews: Llarks – 5 x 5 [silber179]; Parties – Tea Time [silber182]; X-Bax – Aokigahara [silber183] Kirchenkampf – The Body Electric [silber184]

Whether or not it’s the soul of wit, brevity does often compel an artist to pare down to essentials. Thus it is with these four new releases from Silber Records’ 5 in 5 series of EPs, each of which contains five tracks totaling five minutes. As it happens, the twenty tracks collectively represent twenty different ways to set one minute in sound.

The five pieces on The Body Electric by Kirchenkampf (electronic musician John Gore) manage to cover a rolling terrain in five short strides. From the foreboding electronic wash of the opening EEG through the closing Galvani, which brings to mind a shortwave receiver tuned between stations, Gore develops a musical rhetoric of metallic timbres rooted in pulse and periodicity that undulates at variable speeds. Llarks’ 5 x 5 is Chris Jeely’s treated guitar framed by abstract sounds. Each track is built around a kind of skeleton chord progression sketched out as an arpeggio, cadence or elliptical cycle. Parties—P D Wilder, Joe Morgan and Andrew Weathers—likewise create effects-laden, guitar-centered music layered over pedal points or percolating synths. The Japanese cinema-inspired Aokigahara by X-Bax (Phil Dole) is, despite the grim implications of its underlying concept, composed of mostly melodic miniatures for guitar with a dose of heavy rock and gritty drone on the final two cuts.

Uncertainty Music Series Upcoming Concerts

From New Haven’s Uncertainty Music Series:

Monday 23 March 2015
Jack Wright (saxophone), Michael Evans (percussion/electronics), Zach Darrup (guitar) plus Matt Ingalls (solo clarinet)
at Never Ending Books
810 State St
New Haven, CT

Saturday 28 March 2015
Dan Blacksberg (trombone solo) plus Mario Pavone Quintet
at G Cafe
141 Orange St
New Haven, CT

Saturday 18 April 2015
Daniel Levin Quartet
at G Cafe
141 Orange St
New Haven, CT

All About Jazz Reviews

avant-garde pianist Matthew Shipp
Matthew Shipp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All About Jazz:

Nathan Parker Smith Large Ensemble
Not Dark Yet (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records)

Chris Lightcap‘s Bigmouth
Epicenter (Clean Feed Records)

Matthew Shipp
I’ve Been To Many Places (Thirsty Ear Recordings)

Darrell Katz And The JCA Orchestra
Why Do You Ride? (Leo Records)

Merzbow/Mats Gustafsson/Balázs Pándi/Thurston Moore
Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper (RareNoiseRecords)

Pitsiokos / Rowland Duo, HOT DATE, NEBADON, and Rodenticide

From Facebook Events:

The Grand Victory
245 Grand St, Brooklyn
Sunday, March 29
8:00pm – 11:00pm
$8 21+

Duo free improv performance with
Jake Rowland:Electric Guitar
Chris Pitsiokos: Saxophone

Electroacoustic, noise improv
Chris Welcome – guitar, electronics
Shayna Dulberger – electric bass, electronics

Dominika Michalowska (voice and percussion, synthesizer)
Kevin Shea (percussion)
David Buddin (filters and modulation)

Upcoming Anglagard Concerts

From Anglagard:

April 2nd, Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
April 4th Das Rind, Russelheim, Germany
April 5th, Progdream Festival, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
April 7th, Le Triton, Paris, France
April 9th, Real time live, Chesterfield, UK
April 11th, The Boston Music rooms at the doom, London, UK
April 12th, The Robin 2, Bilston, UK
April 25th, The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden
November 15-19th, Cruise to the edge, Miami, USA