AMN Reviews: Akira Kosemura – Trio (Schole)

In the past few years, composer and pianist Akira Kosemura has been putting out such unashamedly pretty music as to leave himself wide open to accusations of saccharine romanticism by the snarky. Snuck in between major works and scores for film and the theatre have been his “Concert Series” EPs, the latest of which, Trio, logically enough follows Solo and Duo. Recorded at the Ichigaya Lutheran Church in Tokyo, Kosemura has rearranged four songs from his soundtrack to the movie Embers for his piano and violin and cello played by Mika Shirasawa and Maiko Sato, respectively.  The quartet of pieces are so gentle and enchanting, the playing so confident and sincere, I defy you not to be swept up in their grace.

Stephen Fruitman