March at the Spectrum

From New York’s Spectrum:

– Manhattan Producers Alliance Tribute to Donald Erb (Mar. 1)

– Launch of a new quarterly poetry series by The Manhattan Review (Mar. 1)

– Stuart Breczinski’s series, Title Pending, continues with Christopher Goddard & Thomas Bergeron (Mar. 1)

– Hey Rim Jeon (Mar. 2)

– Music Freedom Day presented by Spectrum, The National Coalition Against Censorship & Freemuse (Mar. 3)

– Chris Pitsiokis: Gadfly Jazz (Mar. 5)

– Richard Carrick’s Friday Night Loud series continues with Carrick, Brad Balliett, Vasko Dukovski & more (Mar. 6)

Alex Skolnick Trio (Mar. 6)

– Elvis Zapp Urban Film Festival (Mar. 7)

– Amber Liao & Mitsuko Suzuki (Mar. 7)

– Vicky Ray (Mar. 7)

– Pianist Ramin Arjomand’s Reinterpretations series (Mar. 8)

– Miolina: Lynn Bechtold & Mioi Takeda (Mar. 8)

– counter)induction’s X+ N: Jessica Meyer & Halim El-Dabh (Mar. 12)

– Gabriel Zucker presents Thursdays on the Spectrum (Mar. 12)
1st set: Induction Ensemble; 2nd set: LMLML

– Rachel Koblyakov (Mar. 13)

– Eleonor Sandresky with Wonder Suit (Mar. 14)

– Zach Seely’s (con)temporary (in)sights series continues with a Composer Portrait: Arthur Kampela featuring
Kampela & guest artists Jenny Lin, Margaret Lancaster, Jacqui Kerrod, David Byrd-Marrow, Denise Puricelli, Gregor Kitzis, Dan Barrett & Jose Moura (Mar. 14)

– Guy Barash’s Eavesdropping series continues with Iktus Duo & Erin Rogers (Mar. 15)

Michael Tsalka (Mar. 16)

– Lukas Ligeti & Thollem McDonas presenting selections from their new CD, Imaginary Images (Mar. 16)
This concert will be the first public appearance of the duo.

– Jacob Greenberg & Alexander Hurd (Mar. 19)

– NY New Music Collective: Composer Portrait of Glen Roven (Mar. 19)
Roven, Michael Rose, Laura Strickling, Isabel Leonard, Glen Seven Allen, Andrew Fuchs, Myles Mykkanen,
Jarret Ott & Jonathan Hare

– Nina Berman & Steve Beck (Mar. 20)

– 80-Pound Pug with guest artist Jen Kutler (Mar. 20)

– Giacomo Fiore & Larry Polansky (Mar. 21)

– Hans Temmen’s Dark Circuits series continues with LoVid (Mar. 21)

– Late Night with The Brothers Balliett (Mar. 21)

– Cornelius Dufallo & Patrick Derivaz’s Soundscapes series continues with Kinan Azmeh (Mar. 22)

AMN Reviews: Biota – Funnel to a Thread (2014; ReR Megacorp)

New Biota CoverEvery three years or so, the collective known as Biota releases a new album of unclassifiable music. These releases, woefully missed or ignored by many, are events of singular importance in my basement office. While Biota has been in existence since the mid 80’s, the group originally was an offshoot of the Colorado-based audio / visual unit Mnemonists, which began in the late 70’s. So, not a new outfit, they have had ample time to develop their own distinct sound, though one that is difficult to grapple with or recount verbally. Weird Americana, dark folk, acoustic progressive rock, avant-garde electroacoustic…all of these labels help illustrate the generally-quiet, deliberate approach of Biota, yet none of them are particularly representative of the resulting music.

The current lineup includes Mark Piersel, Tom Katsimpalis, Bill Sharp, Larry Wilson, Gordon Whitlow, Randy Miotke, Dave Zekman, Randy Yeates, James Gardner, Kristianne Gale, and Charles O’Meara (a.k.a. C.W. Vrtacek of Forever Einstein). Sharp appears to be Biota’s de facto leader, or at least a focal point. Funnel to a Thread consists of 21 tracks, each in the one to five minute range. But these individual pieces run together in a seamless fashion, producing an album-length suite.

Instrumentally, the emphasis is on acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ, violin, accordion, effects, and found objects, any of which may be electronically processed. Acoustic guitar is the most dominant of these, appearing on all tracks. Percussion is notably absent or downplayed, though tracks featuring a drum set, such as Winder and Choosehow, are some of the most compelling. Overtracked female vocals are featured on several tracks, and these pieces are high points as well. But there are no low points on Funnel to a Thread (or any other Biota recording).

There is a beauty to this music. Dark, yearning, and primeval, yet employing technology to evoke an otherworldly feel. The recording and production are top notch as well, with a clarity that allows the many haunting layers of Biota to be appreciated.  The word “unique” can be used here without hyperbole – no one else sounds like Biota.

A Closer Listen Reviews

From A Closer Listen:

Erik Nyström ~ Morphogenèse
people-eaters ~ The Only Thing Left To Fear
twincities ~ memoirs: to dust
Ubeboet ~ haereo
Prairie ~ Like a Pack of Hounds
Kammerflimmer Kollektief ~ Désarroi
One And Seven Eighths ~ They Came From Outer-Space To Interfere With Me
Boris Berlin ~ Soundtrack for an Imaginary Film

AMN Picks of the Week: Biota / Harris Eisenstadt / Cassio Figueiredo / Remote Viewers

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Biota – Funnel to a Thread (2014)
Harris Eisenstadt – Golden State II (2015)
Cassio Figueiredo – Diario (2015)
Remote Viewers – Pitfall (2015)

March at Cafe OTO

Joëlle Léandre at Cornelia street cafe Photo: ...
Joëlle Léandre 

From London’s Cafe OTO:

28 February – 1 March 2015
Alan Courtis – Two Day Residency

Monday 2 March 2015, 6.30pm
Sébastien Cirotteau / Steve Noble / Tim Fairhall / Guillaume Viltard
£5 Door Only

Monday 2 March 2015, 8pm
Kraus + Floris Vanhoof
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Tuesday 3 March 2015, 8pm
Kammer Klang – Beasts and Beauties:
Georgia Rodgers + Beat Furrer + Juliet Fraser + Mark Knoop + Oren Marshell + Fresh Klang by the Hermes Experiment
£9 £7 (Wegottickets)

Wednesday 4 March 2015, 8pm
Jone Takamäki
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Thursday 5 March 2015, 8pm
Senufo Editions Present:
Luciano Maggiore + Enrico Malatesta + Adam Asnan
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Friday 6 March 2015, 8pm
Cordyceps Is your Friend:
Time Attendant + Lake of Snakes + Aqua Dentata + Jecklin + Grapefruits + Laid Eyes (Film) + Tartaruga Records (DJ)
£5 £4 Advance £3 Members

7–8 March 2015
Hear Here!
Lisa Ullén / Sofia Jernberg / David Stackenäs / Ida Lundén / Nina DE Heney + Guests: Ute Kanngiesser / Seymour Wright

Saturday 7 March 2015, 8pm
Cøv (Alex Smoke + Florence to) + H
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Sunday 8 March 2015, 3.30pm
the Music of Robert Ashley, for Two Or More Voices – Afternoon Event
£5 £4 Advance £3 Members

Monday 9 March 2015, 8pm
Haco + Tonic Train (Knut Aufermann + Sarah Washington) + Mobile Radio Band
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Tuesday 10 March 2015, 8pm
James Chance &Amp; Les Contortions + Cynthia
£15 £12 Advance £10 Members

Wednesday 11 March 2015, 8pm
“Going in a Circle, at Least Not Going in a Circle”
Guillaume Viltard (Bass) &Amp; Seymour Wright (Sax) with Steve Noble (Drums)
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Thursday 12 March 2015, 8pm
Zun Zun Egui
£13 £10.15 (Songkick)

Friday 13 March 2015, 8pm
Eugene Chadbourne (Solo)
£10 £8 Advance £7 Members

Sunday 15 March 2015, 8pm
Akio Suzuki &Amp; Aki Onda
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Monday 16 March 2015, 8pm
Taku Sugimoto &Amp; Guests
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

17–18 March 2015
Joëlle Léandre – Two Day Residency with Maggie Nicols + Roger Turner

Thursday 19 March 2015, 8pm
‘Unpredictable’ Fundraiser with Steve Beresford + Okkyung Lee + David Toop + Terry Day + Max Eastley + More
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

20–21 March 2015
Marc Ribot (Solo) – Two Day Residency

21–22 March 2015
S.l.á.t.u.r. – Two Day Residency

Monday 23 March 2015, 8pm
Ballister (Paal Nilssen-love / Fred Lonberg-holm / Dave Rempis)
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Tuesday 24 March 2015, 7.30pm
the Quietus &Amp; Cafe Oto Present:
an Evening with Frisk Frugt
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Wednesday 25 March 2015, 8pm
Suishou No Fune
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

28 March 2015, 11am–4pm
Ewa Justka – Voice Odder Workshop
£55 £50 Advance £45 Members

Saturday 28 March 2015, 8pm
Sacred Paws – Ep Launch Show
£6 £5 Advance £2 Members

Sunday 29 March 2015, 8pm
Salvatore Sciarrino: Codex Purpureus
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Monday 30 March 2015, 8pm
Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio with Peter Evans

Chicago rock influenced by AACM

English: Art Ensemble of Chicago, New Jazz Fes...
Art Ensemble of Chicago, 

From the Chicago Tribune:

Though it may not be immediately apparent, the boundary-crashing mindset and bold open-minded attitude of the AACM and its multitude of undaunted voices — the Art Ensemble of Chicago, 8 Bold Souls, Fred Anderson, Air, Anthony Braxton, and dozens more — had a profound effect on the city’s underground rock scene. Bands and artists such as Tortoise, the Flying Luttenbachers, Cheer-Accident, Isotope, the DK3, Liquid Soul, Ken Vandermark, Powerhouse Sound, Yakuza, Minsk and Jeff Parker have been blurring rock, jazz and the avant-garde for decades. In recent years, Chance the Rapper’s the Social Experiment and avant-metal band Bloodiest sustain the AACM spirit, whether they know it or not.