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Paul Dunmall
Paul Dunmall

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Spin Marvel
Infolding (RareNoiseRecords)

Jeff Cosgrove/Frank Kimbrough/Martin Wind
Conversations With Owls (Self Produced)

Ensemble Super Moderne
Ensemble Super Moderne (Carimbo Porta-jazz)

Soft Machine Extended Analysis
Soft Machine: Switzerland 1974 (Cuneiform Records)

Michael Pisaro, Cristián Alvear
Melody, Silence (Potlatch Records)

Friends & Neighbors
Hymn For A Hungry Nation (Clean Feed Records)

Mike Osborne
Dawn (Cuneiform Records)

Daniel Rosenboom
Astral Transference / Seven Dreams (Orenda Records)

Kalle Kalima And K-18
Buñuel de Jour (TUM Records)

Evan ParkerPaul Dunmall – Tony Bianco
Extremes (Red Toucan Records)