Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 05/2015

Drummer Whit Dickey performing at the world pr...
Whit Dickey

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

to Duke: Matt Shipp, P/ Mike Bisio, B/ Whit Dickey, Dr

Angel City: Roscoe Mitchell, Sax, FL, Etc Etc/ James Fei, Saxes, Cl, Etc Etc/ William Winant, Dr, per, Bells, Etc Etc

Meta Records
Reflections for Future: Simon Spiess Solo, Sop, Ts

the Journey: Charles Mcpherson, as/ Keith Oxman, Ts/ Chip Stephens, P/ Ken Walker, B/ Todd Reid, Dr

Hotcup Records
Jeremiah: Jon Lundbom, G/ Jon Irabagon, Ss/ Bryan Murray, Ts, Balto Sax/ Moppa Elliott, B/ Dan Monaghan, Dr

Buiten Dienst: Yedo Gibson, Reeds/ Nora Mulder, P/ Renato Ferreira, B

Patois Records
Fly: Mitch Shiner and the Bloomingtones Big Band

François Carrier
the Russian Concerts Vol 2: François Carrier, as/ Michel Lambert, Dr/ Alexey Lapin, P

Kali Z Fasteau
Piano Rapture: Kali Fasteau, P, El P, Organ, Vo/ Kidd Jordan, Ts/ Mixashan Rozie, Ss, FL, Dr/ J D Parran, Afl, Acl/ Ron Mcbee, Perc

Ken Thomson
Settle: Ken Thomson, Bcl, as/ Russ Johnson, Tp/ Nir Felder, G/ Adam Armstrong, B/ Fed Kennedy, Dr

Jack Mouse
Snakeheads and Ladybugs: Jack Mouse, Dr/ Scott Robinson, Ts, Cornet, Cl

Leo Records
Eighteen Ways to Miss Egypt: Christoph Baumann, P/ Jaques Siron, B, Vo/ Dieter Ulrich, Dr, Bugle

the Great Lakes: Leo Smith, Tp/ Henry Threadgill, as, FL, Bfl/ John Lindberg, B/ Jack Dejohnette, Dr