Creative Music in DC

Kahil El'Zabar at Chicago's Ethnic Heritage En...
Kahil El’Zabar

Saturday, February 21 @ 8:00PM
Cyrus Pireh :: Jonathan Badger :: Zak Forrest
Cyrus Pireh is the world’s greatest living electric guitarist. Jonathan Badger is a guitarist, composer and video artist whose work ranges from postrock sludge to neobaroque chamber music. In live performance his compositions and improvisations show themselves in electronic garb, all the while maintaining the character of solo guitar, including the use of a distinctly musicalized video projection system. Videographer Zak Forrest uses an array of modular synthesizers to supplement an abstract visual performance.
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE

Sunday, February 22 @ 7:00PM
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
Presented by Transparent Productions
For over forty years, the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble has carried the banner for creativity, with an emphasis on the spiritual over the technical, deeply soulful sounds with cultural roots. Kahil El’ Zabar established the group, stemming from the school and musical environment that the AACM had established in the 60’s and 70’s. Many musicians have played in the Ensemble, from Pharoah Sanders to Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre to “Light” Henry Huff. For the past decade the group has consisted of fellow Chicagoan musicians Ernest Dawkins (New Horizons Ensemble) and Corey Wilkes (Art Ensemble of Chicago).
The Historic Bohemian Caverns
1101 11th Street NW
Washington, DC
One the corner of U Street and 11th Street NW

Friday, February 27 @ 8:00PM
Deleuzer :: Praxis Cat :: Bobby Hill :: Jenny Moon Tucker/Layne Garrett
Over the last two years, Deluezer has worked on compositional forms, collective improvisation, and group exercises, settling in to a committed membership of Morgan Evans-Weiler (violin), Howard Martin (reeds), Jesse Kenas-Collins (trumpet, reeds, feedback objects), Peter Gumaskas (modular synthesizer), Michael Rosenstein (amplified surfaces and oscillators), Chris Johnson (laptop), and Dan Wick (keyboards). The name “Deluezer” came from an initial thought that the group would read and discuss “A Thousand Plateaus” by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and psychoanalyst Félix Guattari. That never came to pass, but the name for the group got batted around and stuck. Christine P (aka PraxisCat) is a synthesist and multi-instrumentalist that uses a variety of conventional and unconventional electronic instruments in the creation of esoteric improvised atmospheres, and deconstructed rhythms. She has been experimenting with synthesizers since childhood, and has maintained a lifelong interest in music technology. The collaborative performances of Jenny Moon Tucker and Layne Garrett are clear examples of absolute dedication to original Creative Music. Both wield homemade instruments and have a high level of improvisational prowess. Together they create compelling musical moments, such that has never been heard before.
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE

Saturday, February 28 @ 3:00PM
Standing at the end of History, AfroFuturism lunges forward to renew the root of the Black Arts Movement as a powerful solar food for ascension into Alter Destiny. Musical forces MOM² (Luke Stewart, Bobby Hill – BMad, Thomas Stanley – Bushmeat), Jamal Moore (solo and w/MOM²), Jenna Camille, John Moon (Cornel West Theory) and Nag Champa (Jamal Gray) join authors Rasheedah Phillips and Thomas Stanley for an evening of hyperdimensional gourd-expansion and soul food of the highest order. On a first-come-first-eat basis, Dr. Stanley will serve a pot of homemade vegan (no meat, dairy, or peanuts) bushmeat stew (similar to cosmic slop).
Lamont Street Collective
1822 Lamont Street NW
Between 18th and 19th Streets NW, in Mount Pleasant

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month
CapitalBop’s DC Jazz Loft
The DC Jazz Loft showcases and stimulates the talent and forward-focused creative thought that is occurring in the DC Jazz community. On the second Sunday of every month, at Union Arts DC, a variety of idioms and approaches to Jazz are presented by members of the diverse local scene.
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE