AMN Picks of the Week: Sound Awakener / The Quash Wagon Reclusion / Barbiero & Ghaphery / Tone, Talibam!, Kulik / Vasquez

Composer Yasunao Tone
Yasunao Tone

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Sound Awakener – September Traveler (2015)
The Quash Wagon Reclusion – A Room With Tempered Walls (2015)
Daniel Barbiero / Jimmy Ghaphery – The Convergence of Parallel Lines (2015)
Yasunao Tone / Talibam! / Sam Kulik – Double Automatism (2015)
Juan Carlos Vasquez – Collages (2014)

Vital Weekly 970

From Vital Weekly:

Machinefabriek – The Measure Taken (Cd by Zoharum) *
Machinefabriek – Loos (Cd by Machinefabriek) *
Sindre Bjerga and Fabio Orsi – Faded Brown and Gray (Cd by Korm Plastics) *
Rima Kato – Faintly Lit (Cd by Flau) *
Moon:dos – Natura (Cd by Luscinia Discos) *
Hannes Bruder – Changes II (Cd by Umlaut Records) *
Matteo Uggeri – Untitled Winter (Cd by Scissor Tail Records)
ÉVidence – Monk Work (Cd by Ambiances Magnetiques)
Fünf – LA Règle (Cd by Aambiances Magnetiques)
Klaxon Gueule – Pour En Finir (Cd by Ambiances Magnetiques)
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – So Long (Cd by the Helen Scarsdale Agency) *
Jim Haynes – Scarlet (Cassette by the Helen Scarsdale Agency)
Lucio Capece – Epoché (Cd by Hideous Replica) *
Ilia Belorukov &Amp; Kurt Liedwart &Amp; Andrey Popovskiy – Somebody Rattled (Cassette by Hideous Replica)
Sainct Laurens – Volume 2 (Lp by E-tron Records)
Yobkiss – the Light (12″ by Grond Records) *
Rie Nakajima – Four Forms (12″ by Consumer Waste)
Hedoromeruhen/h/alkbazz (7″ with Artwork by Le Petit Mignon)
Le Petit Mignon vs Le Cagibi (7″ by Le Petit Mignon)
Cristian Alvear Montecino – Quatre Pieces Pour Guitare &Amp; Ondes Sinusoidales (Cdr by Rhizome-s) *
Enhänta Bödlar – Altar Besmircher (Cassette by Maneki Neko Tapes) *
Warszawa – Kinetica (Cassette by Maneki Neko Tapes) *
Svenska Happa (Cassette Compilation by Maneki Neko Tapes)
the Hare and the Moon – The Grey Malkin (Cassette by Atsla)
E.m.i.r.s. – The Reel Estate (Cassette by Belch Kitchen)
Das Ding – Sequencer (Cassette by Dehef)
Ian Martin – Alliance (Cassette by Dehef)
Jsca (Cassette)
Stephan Mathieu – Sacred Ground (Download by Schwebung) *