AACM50: 50 Years of the AACM – February 26, March 19, April 28 & 29

English: Muhal Richard Abrams, moers festival 2009
Muhal Richard Abrams

From New York’s Interpretations:

Interpretations and the SEM Ensemble celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding in Chicago of the legendary Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), with a series of concerts presenting AACM composers and improvisers. Each evening will feature works by many of the AACM’s most renown figures, including Muhal Richard Abrams, Thurman Barker, Leroy Jenkins, George Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell, Amina Claudine Myers, Wadada Leo Smith, and Henry Threadgill.

Events are co-sponsored by Interpretations, SEM Ensemble, Roulette Intermedia, the Czech Center New York at Bohemian National Hall and Ostrava Center for New Music.

Thursday February 26, 2015 @ Roulette
AACM50: Amina Claudine Myers Trio // Thurman Barker’s Strike Force Plus

New music from two important figures of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Pianist and composer Amina Claudine Myers brings her trio with Jerome Harris (bass guitar) and Reggie Nicholson (drums). Composer and percussionist Thurman Barker presents the premiere of ‘South Side Suite’, and other works. Featuring his Strike Force Plus, with Malik Washington (timpani, percussion) Bryan Carrott (vibes, percussion), Eli Fountain (marimba, percussion), Ray Mantilla (percussion), Lonnie Gasperini (hammond organ) and Thurman Barker (drumset and percussion).

Thursday, March 19, 2015 @ Roulette
AACM50: Thomas Buckner performs works by Muhal Richard Abrams, Leroy Jenkins, Roscoe Mitchell, Amina Claudine Myers, Henry Threadgill & Wadada Leo Smith

Baritone Thomas Buckner celebrates 50 years of the Association For the Advancement of Creative Musicians with an evening of works written for him by AACM composers. Accompanied by pianists Joseph Kubera and Amina Claudine Myers, violist Stephanie Griffin, cellist Christopher Hoffman, flutist JD Parran, and percussionists Matthew Gold and Alex Lipowski, Buckner performs concert works by Muhal Richard Abrams, Leroy Jenkins, Roscoe Mitchell, Amina Claudine Myers, Wadada Leo Smith, and Henry Threadgill.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 @ The Bohemian National Hall
AACM50: SEM Ensemble performs George E. Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell, Henry Threadgill, John Cage, Petr Kotik, & Christian Wolff

Petr Kotik leads the SEM Ensemble and members of the Ostravska Banda (Czech Republic) in works for chamber ensemble by noted composers of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary. Works by AACM members George E. Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell (with Thomas Buckner, baritone), and Henry Threadgill are featured alongside works by John Cage, Petr Kotik, and Christian Wolff.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 @ The Bohemian National Hall
AACM50: Orchestra of the SEM Ensemble & Ostravska Banda Perform Muhal Richard Abrams, George E. Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell, & Wadada Leo Smith // The Trio (Abrams/Mitchell/Lewis)

Petr Kotik leads the Orchestra of the SEM Ensemble and members of the Ostravska Banda (Czech Republic) in orchestral works by George E. Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell (with baritone Thomas Buckner), Wadada Leo Smith, and AACM founder Muhal Richard Abrams. The evening also includes a rare New York appearance by The Trio, the distinguished improvising trio of Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis, and Roscoe Mitchell.

All concerts start at 8PM.

509 Atlantic Ave. Downtown Brooklyn
2, 3, 4, 5, C, G, D, M, N, R, B & Q trains & LIRR.
General admission: $20 / $15 Roulette Members, Students, Seniors.
Tickets can be purchased online at WWW.INTERPRETATIONS.INFO

321 East 73RD Street, New York City, NY 10021
General admission: suggested donation

Andrew Drury Interview

AD_smile_caro_bioFrom Burning Ambulance:

Drummer/bandleader Andrew Drury is a New York-based free musician of some note: he works frequently with violinists Jason Kao Hwang and Eyvind Kang, trumpeter Nate Wooley, trombonist Steve Swell, bassist Reuben Radding, saxophonists Briggan Krauss and Jessica Lurie, and many others. An adventurous improviser, he’s worked with choreographers, co-created a street theater piece performed in Latin America in the early 1990s, and performed “Earth Solos” (site-specific drum solos) throughout the American West.

AMN Reviews: Jeff Cosgrove / Frank Kimbrough / Martin Wind – Conversations with Owls (2015; Grizzley)

JeffCosgrove_ConversationsWithOwls.inddDrummer Jeff Cosgrove, fresh off of his recent collaboration, Alternating Current, with William Parker and Matthew Shipp, has his next offering, Conversations with Owls, lined up for release next month.  This recording features Cosgrove on drums, Frank Kimbrough on piano, and Martin Wind on bass.

At the outset, I’ll have to admit that, despite his work with Parker and Shipp, Cosgrove is not a free-jazz or avant-garde player. Instead, he finds his own voice within the tradition – two standards make up the seven tracks on Conversations with Owls. Yet, this trio, which has been playing together for several years, does not approach the mainstream either.

Case in point, Kimbrough’s piano is often used to create tension rather than a melody per se. This is evident on the first half of Forest Hunters, a disjointed improvisation featuring bowed bass as well. In a similar sense, Stacks of Stars opens with a repetitive bass theme, but then a cascading piano structure sets the tone for much of the track.  Excitable Voices provides a drum workout, with trio interplay sandwiched between.

While capable of tight group work, Cosgrove, Kimbrough, and Wind give themselves plenty of room to stretch out and solo as well.  Despite this built-in space, and the proficiency of these three individuals, perhaps the best moments of this album are when they play together in a lyrical, delicate fashion.  Look no further than the opening track, The Owls, for an illustration of these qualities.  I, for one, am looking forward for more conversations from this trio, with nocturnal birds of prey or otherwise.

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Marduk – Frontschwein
The Ebony Tower/D.S.W.A.C.V. – Split
Deathprod and Biosphere – Stator
Romain Perrot – Gerritt Wittmer – Franci – In Absence Of Song
Gnaw Their Tongues – Collected Atrocities 2005-2008
Cory Strand – Assault on Precinct 13-A Reinterpretation
Ataraxy – A Portrayal Of Cannibalism
Alocer Christus – Alocer Christus
IRM – Closure

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 04/2015

British saxophonist Evan Parker
Evan Parker 

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Rudresh Mahanthappa
Bird Calls: R Mahanthappa, as/ Adam O Farill, Tp/ Matt Mitchell, P/ Francois Moutin, B/ Rudy Royston, Dr

El Negocito
Naked Wolf: Yedo Gibson, Reeds/ Ofir Klemperer, P: Felicity Provan, Tp/ Mikael Szfirowsky, AL G/ Gerri Jager, Dr/ Luc Ex, B/ Sen El Zi, Vo

Slam Productions
Beginner’s State of Mind: Paolo Porta, Ts/ Alessandro Maiorino, B/ Alessandro Minetto, Dr

the Mark Lomax Trio: Mark Lomax, Dr/ Edwin Bayard, Ts/ Dean Hulett, B

Leo Records
Eighteen Ways to Miss Egypt: Christoph Baumann, P/ Jaques Siron, B, Vo/ Dieter Ulrich, Dr, Bugle

Encounters: Luc Houtkamp, Ts, as/ Simon Nabatov, P/ Martin Blume, Dr

Free Trees: Hugues Vincent, Cello/ Vladimir Kudryavtsev, B/ Maria Logofet, Vln

Red Toucan
Extremes: Evan Parker, Ts/ Paul Dunmall, Ts/ Tony Bianco, Dr

Startlingly Fresh
and So It Is: the Keith Taylor Trio

Hamir Atwal
Hamir and Ben: Ben Goldberg, Cl/ Hamir Atwal, Dr

Jack Mouse
Snakeheads and Ladybugs: Jack Mouse, Dr/ Scott Robinson, Ts, Cornet, Cl

Elena Kakaliagou
Paraphore: Elena K, French Hrn, Vo/ Ingrid Schmoliner, P/ Thomas Stempkowski, B

VA Fongool
Will It Float: Jon Russell, G/ Steve Beresford, Elec/ John Edwards, B/ Stale Liavik Solberg, Dr, Perc


Cold Spring Records New Releases

Cold Spring (label)
Cold Spring (label)

From Cold Spring Records:

MZ. 412 – ‘Hekatomb’ CD (Cold Spring CSR172CD)

Hekatomb is the manifestation of MZ. 412’s monumental performance @ Cold Spring’s 21st Anniversary at The Garage, London, March 2011. The fortuitous congregation on that curse’d evening bore witness to the band’s first EVER complete live line-up: Nordvargr, Drakh, and Ulvtharm. Powerful, pounding Industrial, desolate drones, dense electronics, grim nefarious rituals, reigned over by the malevolent intonations of Nordvargr. This satanic, blackened ritual from the creators of Black Industrial will evolve from memory, to history, and into legend. “Hekatomb” features different versions and interpretations of MZ. 412 material spanning 23 years. Presented in a 6-panel digipak featuring images from the ceremony.

TUNNELS OF AH – ‘Thus Avici’ CD (Cold Spring CSR206CD)

“Firstly, the punishment is meted out day and night, kalpa after kalpa, without a moment’s interruption or relief. Thus Avici”. ‘Thus Avici’ is the second album from Tunnels Of Ah (Stephen Ah Burroughs / Head Of David ). The title references ‘the sutra of bodhisattva Ksitigarbha’s fundamental vows’, a section of which Burroughs reads daily in homage to Ksitigarbha whom Burroughs pledged ‘entreaty and supplication’ under solemn tantric oath 20 years ago. Tantric buddhism, christian mysticism and personal magick make up the subject matter for ‘Thus Avici’. Where traces of 2013’s ‘Lost Corridors’ album can be heard, ‘Thus Avici’ is a harder, more focused offering. Shards of distorted noise, ritual drums, caustic drones and haunted vocals make ‘Thus Avici’ a dark hallucinatory swoon into the hinterland of the Tunnels Of Ah. The dull blue light of brute-world calls.