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AMN Reviews: Darío Dolci – Nino (Only Sopranino Sax) [Haze 303] & Paul Mimlitsch – Random Thoughts [Bangsnap]

Two solo releases featuring winds from opposite points on the pitch spectrum, but with some qualities in common. Both come in at economical run times—under thirty minutes total each—and both consist of short, thematically cohesive tracks.

cover1_webDarío Dolci’s excursions on sopranino saxophone are in some ways the more austere of the two sets. Without overdubs or supporting instruments and sounds, he devotes each of his nine tracks to an elaboration of one technique, sound quality or pitch collection. In doing so, Dolci often employs extended techniques which find him exploring extreme ranges or making broad interval jumps, or using key clicks, tongue slaps, air notes and overblowing. On La Aumentada, YYYY and Monotonica he plays more or less conventionally, setting up and developing modally-tinged melodies and motifs.

a3106858698_2Paul Mimlitsch’s Random Thoughts for contrabass clarinet are improvised live to disc, sometimes with the inclusion of live electronics to supplement the sound of the lone instrument. On all tracks Mimlitsch takes advantage of the low reed’s brooding, saturnine voice. Slow melodic passages join with occasional extended techniques and electronic sound deformation to produce an intimate portrait of the contrabass clarinet as seen from several angles.