February at Arraymusic

From Toronto’s Arraymusic:

Saturday, February 7 @ 8PM
Array Session #30 – Presented by Arraymusic
ALL AGES Welcome; Free/PWYC
Lineup: Nabil Amarshi; Alan Penner; Neil D Retke; Nate Robertson; Rick Sacks.

in February, The Midnight Sessions
– Presented by Branco Džinović
These monthly (closed) late night free-improv sessions (hosted by Branko Dzinovic at The Array Space), are recorded for you to listen to online. “For many artists, night is the time when inspiration strikes and when exciting ideas come to fruition. Some of the finest local improvisers will participate and results should be nothing but exceptional.” – BD

Sunday, February 8 @ 8PM
(2nd Sunday of ea. month)
Somewhere There
– Presented by Somewhere There in Assoc. W/Arraymusic
Lineup: Body Help – Kieran Adams (drums, synths, drum machine); Josh Cole (bass, synth, laptop); Colin Fisher (guitar, electronics). “The trio of Kieran Adams, Josh Cole, and Colin Fisher burns through the unwarped mind, leaving a scorched trail of smooth havoc.” – Weird Canada
@ 9PM
Nicolas Buligan – solo brass – has written an improvisational aid in Max/MSP designed to dynamically compliment and extend his thoughts and phrases. In this instance, it will help him create long drones and layered delays whose parameters are generated only by the musical information coming from his trumpet (rather than using manual inputs).

Tuesday, February 10 @ 8PM
Audiopollination #27.1
– Presented by Somewhere There in assoc. w/Arraymusic
ALL AGES Welcome; $10/PWYC
Artists TBA
Improvisuals by John Creson + Adam Rosen

Sunday, February 15 @ 1pm – 4pm
Array/Evergreen Community Gamelan Meetup #4
– Presented by Arraymusic + The Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan
Have a seat and join in the music making. These are fun, hands on Meet-Ups that bring people together to play beautiful Indonesian instruments. Along with a huge collection of percussion instruments including gongs, bowls, vibes, marimba, drums, djembe, congas, bells, chimes, shells and more, we also use Gamelan Instruments used in the recording of the soundtrack for Life of Pi (music by Mychael Danna).

Tuesday, February 17 @ 8PM
Audiopollination 27.2 – Presented by Somewhere There in assoc. w/Arraymusic
Featuring Improvisations by Tim Crofts (Halifax)+ improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen
ALL AGES Welcome; $10/PWYC
1) Tim Crofts (pno); Ted Phillips (laptop); Nilan Perera (gtr)
2) Tim Crofts (pno solo)
3) Tim Crofts(pno); Nicole Rampersaud (tpt); Pete Johnson (ac. bass)

Saturday, February 21, 7:30PM – 10:30PM
coexisDance #68 – Music + Contemporary Dance Improv
set one: clarke blair/rob piilonen (flute); heather segger (trombone); nicholas ruscica/andy yue (piano); rod campbell (trumpet); stephanie ledger; aisha sasha john/dimitar pentchev (piano); jeffery chan/adrianna monti (vocals).
set two: clarke blair/rob piilonen (flute); heather segger (trombone); nicholas ruscica/andy yue (drums); una wong (piano); stephanie ledger; aisha sasha; john/dimitar pentchev (piano); jeffery chan/adrianna monti (vocals); rod campbell (trumpet).

Sunday, February 22 @ 2PM
Toronto Improvisers Orchestra Concert/TIO
* New Members Always Welcome!

Saturday, February 28 @ 9PM
3 Bands – Trippy/Ambient Music: ModernCollins; Skydome Hotel; Island Ears
It’s Dale’s last opportunity to play in Toronto before he leaves for a year abroad in Germany!