5049 Records Podcast Final Episode

From 5049 Records, the final podcast. Jeremiah Cymerman has done a great job over the last couple of years with this podcast. Kudos.

After two years and eighty-five episodes of conversations with some of the world’s most remarkable musicians, today I post the final episode of the 5049 Podcast. Of all the work that I’ve done in the past thirteen years of activity in NYC, the series of conversations documented in this podcast stand as one of my proudest achievements. Whether it’s been old friends or complete strangers, welcoming people into my home these past two years, pouring out a few drinks and getting into it has been an utter delight and an incredible growing experience that I will always cherish.

For our final episode, I sat down with Nate Wooley and Toby Driver, the very first two guests of the show, and attempt to make sense of what these past two years have meant. Nate and Toby are my main guys and I’m happy to close things out with such men of distinction.