AMN Reviews: Music for Hard Times – City of Cardboard [Public Eyesore PE 128]

A city of cardboard is a squat made of discarded materials, an expedient settlement for living during economic hard times. Analogously, in this recording the duo Music for Hard Times (Tom Nunn on sketchboxes, resonance plates, music boxes, harmonic rods and other objects, and Paul Winstanley on electric bass guitar with extensions and electronics) build structures in sound out of homemade, jerry-rigged instruments. These structures are textural rather than melodic, consisting of drifting, atmospheric soundscapes in place of motifs stated and varied. As reflected in the seven tracks’ titles, the atmospheres are for the most part bracing—an icy wind modeled in scrapes and echoes, scratches and hums—but not without a certain austere beauty.

Mossenek in Japan Live Recordings

In June of 2014 Mossenek toured Japan and collaborated in some very unique combinations. All of the performances were documented and the recordings posted on bandcamp for anyone to hear/download for whatever price they deemed fitting.

Mossenek: Japan day 1

Mossenek w/ Sax Ruins (Tatsuya Yoshida & Ryoko Ono): Japan day 2

Mossenek w/ Tatsuya Yoshida & Mongo: Japan day 3

Mossenek w/ 30 kindergarten children: Japan day 4

Mossenek w/ Rei & Mongo: Japan day 5

Mossenek is:
Mick Barr – guitar
Chuck Bettis – throat + electronics

Fred Frith Trio, Trance Mission, Jack O’ The Clock in San Francisco

English: Fred Frith performing in Wallingford,...
Fred Frith 

From Jack O’ The Clock:


Fred Frith Trio, Trance Mission, Jack O’ The Clock
doors 7:30, show 8PM ($20)
333 11th St,
San Francisco, CA
All Ages (6+)

Details of Fred Frith Trio European Tour:

Fred Frith, guitar
Jason Hoopes, bass
Jordan Glenn, drums
Frith returns to his deep roots in this improvising trio with the classic lineup of guitar, bass and drums. Playful, intimate, and bound together by a dark and delicate interplay, the group reminds us what listening is all about. After a lifetime of experience across almost every field of musical endeavor, Fred stretches out in the company of two stalwarts of the vibrant Bay Area music scene, drummer Jordan Glenn and bassist Jason Hoopes. The trio is set to embark on its first European tour in mid-February 2015.

Stephen Kent – didgeridoo, percussion, cello-sintir
Beth Custer – B flat, alto, bass clarinets, percussion
Peter Valsamis – drums, percussion, electronics
Trance Mission features three extraordinary multi-instrumentalist/composers with mountains of global accolades to their credit. In this new trio incarnation Trance Mission continues the genre-breaking musical traditions they started in the 1990’s. Founded in ‘91 by Kent and Custer this seminal 4th World quartet out of the Bay Area performed extensively on the West Coast and in Europe and created four universally acclaimed recordings released on San Francisco’s City of Tribes label. The music of Trance Mission is as fresh and alive today as it was at its inception and the band’s performances snap, crackle and pop with infectious improvisational spirit and humor. They are currently working on a new release slated for 2015 and booking engagements the world over.

Damon Waitkus – voice, guitar, hammer dulcimer
Emily Packard – violins
Kate McLoughlin – bassoon, voice
Jason Hoopes – bass, voice
Jordan Glenn – drums
Jack O’ The Clock is a songwriting band with roots in experimental chamber music, American folk, and progressive rock, which began in 2007. The group “presents a fine lesson on what it means to write songs that are at once approachable and human while simultaneously being incredibly profound in terms of timbre, depth of emotion, and harmonic complexity” (Matt DiGiordano, Progulator). “Simply labeling it ‘Americana’ or ‘contemporary folk’ doesn’t come close to unpacking the density and complexity of these intricate structures, which thread the listener through alternative histories of American music… with as much verve, daring, and intellectual passion as Van Dyke Parks…” (Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector, UK).

Matthew Shipp Talks Herbie Hancock’s Memoir Possibilities, and Not Dying for Your Art

English: Herbie_Hancock_Tollwood_062
Herbie Hancock

Matthew Shipp opines on Herbie Hancock.

To a jazz pianist like me, who was deep in the learning phase in the ’70s, Herbie Hancock was a musical and industry force who had to be reckoned with. He was ubiquitous and he spanned so many different movements and stylistic shifts that any aspiring jazz musician had to deal with his impact. As a keyboardist, composer and bandleader, he reflected the mutations of jazz in his era, and even though Hancock was never a primary influence or inspiration for me, he could not be ignored.

Portland in February

From Portland’s Creative Music Guild :

Outset Series Programming
February 2015

Turn Turn Turn
8 NE Killingsworth
All shows begin 8 PM (ends by 10)
Sliding Scale $5-$15. All ages.

February 4 – Not Bitter, Seth Nehil
February 18 – Aux.78, DMONI

Performer Bios:

Not Bitter
Experimental, improvisation from this local trio with roots in jazz styles.
Nicole Glover: Tenor Saxophone
Kyle Shipp: Guitar
Grant Pierce: Drums

Seth Nehil
Seth Nehil (b. 1973) is a sound and video artist creating for a variety of contexts, including performance and installation. Nehil combines manipulated acoustic recordings, voices, instruments, granular synthesis and field recordings into richly detailed spaces with off-kilter rhythms, sudden junctures and explosive bursts. His compositions draw equally from classic musique concréte, film sound design, hip hop production and noise to form a uniquely hybrid sonic world. Seth Nehil has released over 15 albums of experimental sound on international labels, including Sonoris (France) and Senufo Editions (Italy). He has given concerts across Europe, Japan and the US. Nehil received an MFA in Music/Sound from Bard College. He teaches sound design, sound art and video at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Washington State University and Portland State University. (

Aux.78 (Nicholas Matta) is a solo recording artist, sound designer, and live performer based in Portland, OR originally from El Paso, TX. (

DMONI is the moniker of Portland based artist David Owen Tevlin. Founder and active recordrist of Krishnahaus tapes. DMONI likes to rap, sing, loop, sample, beatbox, holler, and guitar solo inside his shamanic spirit shifting snake skin serenades. (


Joëlle Léandre & Dana Reason

followed by ensemble performances including local musicians:
Juniana Lanning (electronics)
Doug Theriault (electronics/guitar)
Doug Detrick (trumpet)
Jonathan Sielaff (bass clarinet)
Andrew Jones (double bass)
Ken Ollis (drums)

Friday, February 13, 7:30 pm doors, 8 pm show
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 5431 NE 20th Ave.