Henry Kaiser Stone Residency and New Albums

English: Henry Kaiser (guitar), Steve Beresfor...
English: Henry Kaiser (guitar), Steve Beresford (electronics), John Russell (guitar), Roger Turner (percussion) 

Avant-Garde Guitarist, Composer, Ethnomusicologist and Antarctic Diver/Underwater Photographer Henry Kaiser Celebrates Four Album Releases with Residency at The Stone in NYC: Feb 3-8 2015.

Henry Kaiser will play a residency gig at The Stone in NYC February 3 – 8, 2015. It is very rare for Kaiser to play in NYC. This Stone run celebrates his 4 new albums, released over one week on two labels: The Celestial Squid with Ray Russell, released on Cuneiform Records; and three releases on other labels, including Garden of Memory on which he is a featured guitarist, Relations with Damon Smith, and Leaps with Scott Amendola. The run at The Stone includes collaboration with such NYC luminaries as Samuel R. Delany, Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Lukas Ligeti, and Brandon Ross.

Concert Details
The Stone, New York City
Located at the center of
Avenue C and 2nd Street
All 8 PM shows $20All 10 PM shows $15

2/3 Tuesday
8 pm
Invite The Spirit
Henry Kaiser (guitar) Charles K. Noyes (percussion, drums) Sang-Won Park (kayagum, ajaeng, changgo, voice)

10 pm
Kaiser-Noyes Guitar Duo
Henry Kaiser (guitar) Charles K. Noyes (guitar)

2/4 Wednesday
8 pm
Kaiser-Laswell-Ligeti Trio
Henry Kaiser (guitar) Bill Laswell (bass) Lukas Ligeti (drums)

10 pm
Kaiser-Laswell Duo
Henry Kaiser (guitar) Bill Laswell (bass)

2/5 Thursday
8 pm
Melvin Gibbs (bass) Henry Kaiser (guitar) Weasel Walter (drums)

10 pm
Topography of the Spleen
Henry Kaiser (guitar) Chris Pitsiokos (sax) Weasel Walter (drums)

2/6 Friday
8 pm
Chip Delany & Henry Kaiser
Samuel R. Delany (reading aloud) Henry Kaiser (guitar accompaniment)

10 pm
Brandy Gale – Henry Kaiser – Ava Mendoza
Brandy Gale (live synesthetic painting) Henry Kaiser, Ava Mendoza (guitars)
2/7 Saturday
8 pm
Kaiser-Musso Quintet
Nick Didkovsky, Henry Kaiser, Bob Musso (guitars) Jesse Krakow (bass) Weasel Walter (drums)

10 pm
Kaiser-Licht Duo
Henry Kaiser, Alan Licht (guitar)

2/8 Sunday
8 pm
Dunkelman-Kaiser-Mori-Zorn Quartet
Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Henry Kaiser (bass) Ikue Mori (electronics) John Zorn (sax)

10 pm
Kaiser-Ross Guitar Duo
Henry Kaiser (guitar) Brandon Ross (guitar)


Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell
[Cuneiform Records]

Guitar summits don’t ascend higher than when legendary British free-jazz pioneer and longtime session ace Ray Russell meets the brilliant California avant-improv overachiever and Antarctic diver Henry Kaiser in the realm of The Celestial Squid. An album as cosmically evocative as its title, The Celestial Squid marks both a promising new partnership and a return to the outer-limits sensibility that informed Russell’s earliest work. With sixteen albums as a leader and more than countless session performances to his credit, including the early James Bond film scores, Russell is returning to his bone-rattling, noise-rocking roots for the first time ever since 1971. You’ll be shaken and stirred as Kaiser, Russell, and eight super friends deliver a no-holds-barred, free-range sonic cage match. They evoke improvised music’s past, present, and future while proving that free jazz can still be good, clean, liberating fun.

Henry Kaiser
[Fractal Music]
A 5-CD box set of live guitar solos. Playing in the the trance music mode these solos could be considered to be a tribute to both Terry Riley’s late 70’s keyboard improvisations and the super human solo soprano sax of Evan Parker.

Henry Kaiser & Damon Smith
[Balance Point Acoustics]
Henry Kaiser and Damon Smith have been playing guitar and bass together for 20 years now. This release of acoustic double bass and 7-string acoustic guitar free improvisations celebrates their musical partnership.

Scott Amendola & Henry Kaiser
[Fractal Music]
Featuring Scott Amendola on drums & percussion and Henry Kaiser on guitar(s). Bay area drummer, Scott Amendola is a longtime member of the Nels Cline Singers as well as working with Larry Ochs, Charlie Hunter & Ben Goldberg plus having several discs out as a leader. West Coast guitar great, Henry Kaiser, keeps busy by playing in a wide variety of contexts: solos, duos, trios and bands of different sizes. Mr. Kaiser has recorded a number duos, most often with fellow guitarists like: Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne and Fred Frith, but rarely in a duo with a drummer. Each piece here is very different and shows many sides to these two gifted improvisers. The title piece is first and it is an epic length workout which goes throughout a number of different sections, moods or scenes. From rip-roaring intensity to those Dead-like space jams. It all fits together like fascinating cryptic mosaic or puzzle which unfolds as it evolves. This disc is around 75 minutes long and takes us on a fabulous journey throughout.

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