Ken Vandermark Profiled and Interviewed

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Ken Vandermark 

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Chicago saxophonist Ken Vandermark is one of the most persuasive, personified arguments for why every state’s liquor laws should be amended to allow minors to attend concerts if accompanied by a parent or guardian. While still in his tweens, Ken was enjoying jazz clubs in his hometown of Boston at the side of his father Stu, who wrote for jazz/improv bible Cadence Magazine. “I was out three nights a week at hundreds of shows like Art Blakey and Johnny Griffin. That’s where I fell in love with jazz, figuring out that they were playing the same pieces different ways every night. I was captivated by that.” His epiphany arrived when his dad gave him free-jazz saxophonist Joe McPhee’s “Tenor” album at the age of 17 from a stack of Cadence promos.