The San Francisco Tape Music Festival Reviewed

Photograph of Brian Eno at a 2006 Long Now Fou...
Brian Eno

From East Bay Express:

The contradictions at the heart of this year’s San Francisco Tape Music Festival started with the headliners: Pauline Oliveros, absent; Brian Eno, absent; and Frank Zappa, dead. Because this is 2015, it’s necessary to add that Zappa didn’t appear via hologram.

Now in its fifteenth year, the San Francisco Tape Music Festival is an annual service from the San Francisco Tape Music Collective — comprised of Joseph Anderson, Thom Blum, Cliff Caruthers, Matt Ingalls, and Kent Jolly — a subset within the experimental ensemble and concert programming group sfSound. Across three evenings at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco last weekend, a 24-speaker, surround-sound system emitted works by dozens of composers for an audience who sat in total darkness.