The Early LP’s Of The Free Jazz Scene In Los Angeles

From Mark Weber:

It was something Vinny Golia said to me recently that got me to remembering those first self-produced LPs of the Los Angeles free jazz community. He said that when John Carter put out his own ECHOES FROM RUDOLPH’S and just before that James Newton’s own self-produced FLUTE MUSIC hit the streets, both in 1977, then he felt the time was right to record his Lp SPIRITS IN FELLOWSHIP, which was the very first Nine Winds record.

Out on the coast, the major exponents of avant garde were three people: Bobby Bradford (1934), John Carter (1929-1991), and Horace Tapscott (1934-1999). These three were the ones moving forward with the musical values that had been mapped out by Ornette, Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, and Albert Ayler in the early 60s. There were others I’m sure but in Los Angeles we all looked to Bobby, John, and Horace. And like I said to Bradford the other day: You had to wait for a generation to come of age so that you’d have someone to play with! And he said that there is some truth to that.