Avant Music News 2015 Update

imgres2014 was a record year for Avant Music News, in terms of postings, traffic, and overall busy-ness. We’re hoping 2015 continues in the same fashion.

Just a few quick notes regarding random topics:

  • We have new page on our top menu that links to our annual “best of” lists (or just go here). These lists always prove to be some of our most popular material, and now they are easier to find.
  • Last year we posted 2170 articles, of which 130 were original reviews, and 24 were original interviews.
  • Our review backlog continues to grow, with about 25 review requests per published review. If you are a musician, label, or PR person, please don’t be discouraged if we don’t get back to you regarding your requests. There just isn’t enough time in the day. But please continue to send requests, as we do read and consider every single one.
  • With respect to reviews, if you are a seasoned music reviewer who would like to contribute to Avant Music News, please drop me a line with a few writing samples. As noted above, we receive tons of promo material for review, and it would be nice to have a couple more people knocking out the reviews.
  • Our current reviewers are both awesome and nice! Special thanks to Dan, Dan, Stephen, Monique, Vincent, and others for all of their valuable contributions.

Vital Weekly 964

From Vital Weekly:

John Luther Adams – The Wind in High Places (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
Daniel Lentz – In the Sea of Ionia (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
Christian Wallumrød – Pianokammer (Cd by Hubro Music) *
Reinhold Friedl – Golden Quinces, Earthed (Cd by Bocian Records) *
Foils Quartet – The Jersey Lilly (Cd by Creative Sources Recordings)
Erik Honoré – Heliographs (Cd by Hubro)
The Remote Viewers – Pitfall (Cd by Remote Viewers)
Base 4 – Axes of Symmetry (Cd by Analog Arts)
Kronomorphic – Entangled (Cd by Oa2 Records)
Transmit – Radiation (Cd by Monotype Records)
Candelaria Saenz Valiente & Marcin Masecki – Hymnen (Cd by Bolt Records)
Community of Light – Night Vision (Cd by Oiseaux Invisibles) *
Hans Koch – Erfolg (Cd by Deszpot) *
Klangwart – Transit (Cd by Staubgold) *
Tl0741 – Before Waking (Cd by Hc3 Music) *
Tl0741 – Circulation (Cd by Hc3 Music)*
Geins’t Naït & Laurent Petitgand – Je Vous Dis (Cd by Ici D’ailleurs/mind Travels) *
Natasha Barrett – Peat + Polymer (2cd by +3db Records) *
Spunk & Joelle Leandre – Live in Molde (Cd by +3db Records) *
Ottoanna – Federated States of Micronesia (Cd by P48editions) *
Ocean Viva Silver – Echolalia (Cdr by Mare/moto) *
Hessien – Your Empire, in Decline (Cdr by the Long Story Recording Company) *
Lucid Pyramids/Todd Anderson Kunert (Cassette by This Is Non Linear)

Coming to Houston

From Houston’s Nameless Sound:

Peter Evans/Sam Pluta
Saturday, January 17 2015
14 Pews

Peter Evans (NYC) – trumpet, piccolo trumpet
Sam Pluta (NYC) – laptop

Peter Evans

Sam Pluta


Mazen Kerbaj & Kevin Drumm
Jason Lescalleet
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
14 Pews

Mazen Kerbaj (Beirut, Lebanon) – trumpet
Kevin Drumm (Chicago) – electronics
Jason Lescalleet (Berwick, Maine) – tape loops, electronics

Coming to Ars Nova Workshop

Ken Vandermark, at "Sonore" concert,...
Ken Vandermark

From Philadelphia’s Ars Nova Workshop:

Sunday, January 11, 8:00pm
with Han Bennink, drums; Ab Baars, clarinet + tenor saxophone; Ernst Glerum, tenor saxophone; Thomas Heberer, trumpet; Tristan Honsinger, cello; Michael Moore, alto saxophone + clarinet; Mary Oliver, violin; and Wolter Wierbos, trombone

with Ken Vandermark, saxophone; and Nate Wooley, trumpet

FringeArts, 140 N. Columbus Blvd
$15 General Admission
Tickets: http://www.arsnovaworkshop.com/events/icp-orchestra-01-11-2015

Ars Nova Workshop is thrilled to present a double bill featuring the Instant Composers Pool Orchestra and the duo of Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley.

Instant Composers Pool (ICP) is a collective of Dutch composers and improvisers that was formed in 1967 by Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink and Willem Breuker. Over the years, the always-evolving ICP Orchestra has collaborated with giants of the experimental music world, such as Derek Bailey, Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, John Tchicai and Alan Silva. The current line-up for the ICP Orchestra consists of nine of the most innovative voices from around the globe, including co-founder and drummer Bennink, the saxophonists/clarinetists Michael Moore and Ab Baars, and the trombonist Wolter Wierbos. (ICP co-founder Mengelberg will not be performing tonight.) From ragtime to swing, bop to free jazz, classical to carnival, the ICP Orchestra continues to be at the forefront of the creative music world they helped create over four decades ago.

Chicago saxophonist/composer Ken Vandermark and New York trumpet stalwart Nate Wooley had been operating in each other’s orbits for several years – having worked together with Paul Lytton, Joe Morris, Agusti Fernandez, and Terrie Ex – before putting together their duo project in October 2013, when they toured the United States for the first time. With this unique ensemble, they deal directly with each other’s iconoclastic compositional and improvisational vocabularies, and have created a book of original material that takes inspirational cues from the under-appreciated work of John Carter and Bobby Bradford. Vandermark and Wooley have worked together to create an organic combination of the jazz tradition, free improvisation, and modern composition, and have then placed it into this new raw and intimate duo.


Thursday, January 15, 8:00pm
with Patrick Higgins, guitar; Greg Fox, percussion; and Sam Hillmer, tenor saxophone

Boot & Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St.
$15 General Admission
Tickets: http://www.arsnovaworkshop.com/events/zs-01-15-2015

Founded by saxophonist Sam Hillmer, Zs has performed in ensembles ranging from a duo to a sextet. For the group’s upcoming album, XE, Hillmer is joined by percussionist Greg Fox (Liturgy, Guardian Alien, Man Forever), a student of the great Milford Graves, and avant-classical guitarist and composer Patrick Higgins. Zs has been described variously as no-wave, noise, post-minimalist, drone, and psych, but Zs is primarily concerned with making music that challenges the physical and mental limitations of both performer and listener through extended technique, instrumental synthesis, and an uncanny communication between the musicians.

Yells at Eels in Dallas Reviewed

From the Dallas Observer:

This week’s installment of Stefan González’s Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions ended with an incredible improvised set from Yells at Eels featuring John Dikeman, an American saxophonist now living in Amsterdam who has led countless bands in several countries. He is known for his improvisational skills and his free jazz is so fast and loud that some refer to it as “jazz punk.” Dikeman has performed as a soloist with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and will be back in Amsterdam performing with the Royal Improvisers Orchestra later this week.