Vital Weekly 961

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Steve Stapleton

Reviews from Vital Weekly:

Eric Random & the Bedlamites – Time-splice (Cd by Klang Galerie) *
Eric Random – Man_dog (Cd by Klang Galerie) *
Casey Anderson & Jason Kahn & Norbert Möslang & Günter Müller & Mark Trayle – Five Lines (Cd by Mikroton) *
Erikm & Martin Brandlmayr – Ecotone (Cd by Mikroton) *
Feedback: Order from Noise (2cd/1dvd by Mikroton) *
Gregory Büttner & Gunnar Lettow & Ernesto Rodrigues & Nuno Torres – Zwei Mal Zwei (Cd by Creative Sources Recordings) *
Insane 80s [Ev01-ev10] (Cd Compilation by Ee Tapes)
Find Hope in Darkness – Loked So Tightly in Our Dreams (Cd by Moving Furniture Records) *
Orphax – Under the Dutch Sky (Cdr by Moving Furniture Records) *
Nurse with Wound – Adolf Wölfli Courte (Mincd and Book by Lenka Lente) *
Andre DE Saint-obin – Sound on Sound (Lp by Plinkity Plonk) *
Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet – Popeth (Lp by Glistening Examples) *
Morrisneri – Cathedral Tapes (Lp by Dead Vox)
Asuna – 100 Keyboards: 100 Keys/100 Rock (7″ by Meeuw Muzak)
Kuroneko – Ritual of Invocation (Cdr by Slightly off Kilter Label) *
Drekka – Ronja’s Christman Witch (Cdr by Orphanology) *
Drekka – Live 2014 (Cassette by Day2 Alliance Product)
Mystery Dick – in the City of Violent Giants (Cdr by Aural Detritus) *
Jason Kahn – Thirty Seconds over (Cassette by Aural Detritus)
Francisco Meirino – the Aesthetics of Everything for Nothing (3″cdr by 1000füssler) *
Seth Cooke & Dominic Lash – Pact (3″cdr by 1000füssler) *
Threes and Will & Huerequeque (Cassette by Blue Tapes)
Henry Plotnick (Cassette by Blue Tapes)
Robin Hayward & Morten J. Olsen – Subroutine (Cassette by Record Label Record Label)
the Hydra – on Troubleshooting (Cassette by Record Label Record Label)