2014 Best of Year Lists: Part I

It’s that time again. We gather best-of-2014 lists from around the web and provide links here. Enjoy.

Tom Hull
Jazz Right Now
The Improvised Blog
Lyn Horton


5049 Records Podcast: Mario Diaz de Leon

From 5049 Records:

Mario Diaz de Leon is both a true master of dark electroacoustic composition and a dear friend. His music has had an incredibly deep impact on me and continues to be a great source of inspiration. For this talk, we trace his early roots, checking in with his death metal roots and his deep immersion into the world of writing for classical instruments.



December 6, 2014
Stephen O’Malley Solo, ISSUE Project Room
Stephen O’Malley

December 6, 2014
Maria w Horn Solo, ISSUE Project Room
Maria w Horn

December 6, 2014
Kristina Matousch Project, ISSUE Project Room
Kristina Matousch

December 6, 2014
The Sons of God, ISSUE Project Room
Leif Elggren Kent Tankred

December 6, 2014
Fabio Roberti Solo, ISSUE Project Room
Fabio Roberti

December 6, 2014
Ellen Arkbro Solo, ISSUE Project Room
Ellen Arkbro

December 5, 2014
Ryan Martin & Joachim Nordwall, ISSUE Project Room
Ryan Martin Joachim Nordwall

December 5, 2014
Jenny Sunesson Solo, ISSUE Project Room
Jenny Sunesson

Musique Machine Reviews

Merzbow, prominent Japanoise musician, in 2007

From Musique Machine:

Voices – London
Fantome De Sang – Devouement
Ruine – Along Walls
Harris Eisenstadt – Golden State
The Westerlies – Wish the Children Would Come On Home
Janek Schaefer – Lay-by Lullaby
Keith Emerson – At The Movies
Epistasis – Light Through Dead Glass
Hal Hutchinson – Wreckage Installations & Metalworks
Various Artists – 70 Years of Sunshine
Full of Hell – Full of Hell & Merzbow

Annie Gosfield’s ‘Signal Jamming and Random Interference’ Reviewed

From NYTimes.com:

The composer Annie Gosfield took inspiration from these eclectic sounds for “Signal Jamming and Random Interference,” for string quartet and electronics, which received its premiere at Roulette in Brooklyn on Sunday evening. Ms. Gosfield, whose imaginative works reflect her experience in the classical, rock and jazz worlds and blend acoustic and electronic elements to alluring effect, undertook research at the American Academy in Berlin, where she listened to World War II and Cold War recordings.