AMN Picks of the Week: JÜ Meets Møster / Mole / Martin Rach / Grey Frequency / Hammond and Weston / JOLT Festival Basel

528990_440195956015126_112459292_nHere is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

JÜ / Møster – JÜ Meets Møster (2014)
Mole (Aanderud / Takeshi / Hecht) – RGB (2014)
Martin Rach – Shores of Bare Lands (2014)
Grey Frequency – Immersion (2014)
Ross Hammond / Grant Calvin Weston – Blues and Daily News (2014)
Various Artists – Great Performances from the JOLT Festival Basel (2014)

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

English: Erik Friedlander live at Saalfelden 2...
Erik Friedlander

From Free Jazz:

Frode Gjerstad – Russian Standard (Catalytic Sound, 2014) ***½
Louis Moholo and Frode Gjerstad – Sult (FMR, 2014) ***
Para – ParaPhore (Listen Closely, 2014) ***½
Schrödingers Cat – Schrödingers Cat (AUT, 2014) ****
Franz Hautzinger, Julo Fujak, Zsolt Sörés – Live In Brussels (Hevhetia, 2014) ****
Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP – Return the Tides (Cuneiform Records, 2014) ****
Bill Frisell – Guitar in the Space Age (Okeh, 2014) ****½
Ross Martin, Max Johnson & Jeff Davis – Big Eyed Rabbit (Not Two, 2014) ****
Erik Friedlander – Nighthawks (Skipstone, 2014) ****
Eric Hofbauer Quintet – Prehistoric Jazz Vol 1: The Rite of Spring (Creative Nation Music, 2014) ***½
Eric Hofbauer Quintet – Prehistoric Jazz Vol 2: Quintet for the End of Time (Creative Nation Music, 2014) ***
Ken Aldcroft’s Convergence Ensemble -Tangent (For Eric Dolphy) (Trio Records, 2014)****
Ken Aldcroft THREADS (Quintet)- “10/09/11” (Trio Records, 2014) ****
Tisziji Muñoz – Sky Worlds (Anami Music, 2014) ****½
David Ullmann 8 – Cordoroy (self released, 2014) ***½

Thomas Stanley’s new book ‘The Execution of Sun Ra’ Reviewed


Stanley, who teaches at George Mason University, takes the title of the book from the futuro-Egyptian free-jazz big-band icon himself who liked to riff on the double sense of the word execute to mean both to kill and to accomplish, set in motion, or perform. In executing Sun Ra, the book performs a kind of posthumous Sun Ra, taking his claims about an alter destiny for earth and specifically for African-Americans seriously, but not so seriously as to destroy them by nailing them down with logic. Instead, Stanley allows the various significances to skronk around like the lines of melody bombarding traditional jazz in any Sun Ra song like a solar storm.

Vibracathedral Orchestra Live Review

From The Quietus:

The Vibracathedral project began in Leeds as a collaboration between UK experimental mainstays Mick Flower, Neil Campbell (now know for his Astral Social Club project) and guitarist Julian Bradley, who are all present and correct at tonight’s performance at The Cube. Having seen a revolving cast of musicians pass through the collective’s doors and a stream of often self-funded releases, 2014 has seen the first Vibracathedral performances for a number of years after its respective members began to focus on other projects.

Another Review of the Robert Wyatt Biography

English: Mirrored version of File:RobertWyatt ...
Robert Wyatt

From The Guardian:

Back in the lairy crash-pad days of the early 1970s, you wouldn’t have pegged Wyatt, or any of his friends and fellow prog-rock players in the so‑called “Canterbury Scene”, as future national treasure material. In some ways, Wyatt’s widely cherished status doesn’t make much more sense today. A free jazz drummer and long-time Communist party member with a fondness for obscure European surrealists …

Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

Matmos (M. C. [Martin] Schmidt and Drew Daniel...
From the ISSUE Project Room:

Kim Gordon & Loren Connors / Gary War
Advance tickets are now SOLD OUT! A handful are available now at Other Music.

THIS WEEKEND: Swedish Energies 2014: EMS at 50

Ákos Rózmann tape piece presented by Mats Lindström at Experimental Intermedia

* Carl Michael von Hausswolff
** Frederikke Hoffmeier
*** Daniel Rozenhall & Sten Backman
**** Christine Abdelnour & Joachim Nordwall
***** Jenny Sunesson
with Daniel Araya between sets (EMS, live)

* Ellen Arkbro
** The Sons of God
*** Kristina Matousch
**** Stephen O’Malley
***** Maria w Horn
with DJ Fabio Roberti between sets

Matmos perform Robert Ashley‘s Perfect Lives
ISSUE Project Room hosts a special benefit event featuring acclaimed electronics duo Matmos performing two scenes from Robert Ashley’s groundbreaking television-opera Perfect Lives. They present the first and final acts, “The Park”, featuring string ensemble, and “The Backyard”, both accompanied by new collaborative video work by M.C. Schmidt and Max Eilbacher. Performance art supergroup HARIBO open the night.

Fri 12/12 8PM
Raúl De Nieves

SAT 12/13 8PM
Paul Clipson & Liz Harris (Grouper):

SAT 12/20 8PM
Peter Evans solo

THU 1/08 8PM
Lea Bertucci, The Cepheid Variations