Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 32/2014

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Meta Records
Apoptose: Akosh S, Saxes, Bols, Bells, Etc/ Sylvain Darrifourcq, Dr, Perc, Sex Toyes, Etc

Black Milk Impulses: Gerhard Gschlobl, Tbn/ Gianpaolo Camplese, Dr/ Leo Auri, Elec

Imaginary Images: Ukas Ligeti, P/ Thollem Mcdonas, P

Someone Killed the Swan: Boris Kovac, Ss, as, Bcl/ Milos Matis, B/ Stevan Kovac Tickmayer, P, Keyb/ Lav Kovac, Dr

Alex Weiss
Send This Sound to the King: Alex Weiss, as, Ts/ Charlie Gurke, Bari S: Rob Woodcock, B/ Dillon Westbrook, Dr

Eric Hofbauer
the Rite of Spring: E Hofbauer, G/ Jerry Sabatini, Tpt/ Todd Brnel, Bb Cl, Bcl/ Junko Fujiwara, Cello/ Curt Newton, Dr, Perc

Walkabout: Composed by Dave Lisik, Performed by the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra

Flaubert’s Dance: Phil Broadhurst Quartet

Mike Mahaffay
the Man Who Ate Color by Jennfer Robin: Steve Gorn/ Mike Mahaffay/ Michael Stirling/ Malinda Williams

Lana Trio Live in Japan: Andreas Wildhagen, Dr: Kjetil Jarvis, P/ Menrik Munkeby Nostebo, Tbn

No Business
the Freedom Principle: Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio with Peter Evans

Dolphy’s Hat: Primitive Orchestra Live

Burton Greene
Buton’s Time: Burton Greene with R*time

Here&here&here: M Vlatkovich, Tbn/ Anna Holmer, Vo/ Jeff Kaiser, Tpt/ Scott Walton, B/ Rich West, Dr