Vital Weekly 956

Reviews from Vital Weekly:

Minny Pops – Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement (2cd by Factory Benelux) *
Neil Leonard – for Kornellis (Cd by Gasp)
Neil Leonard – Mil Maneras (Cd by Gasp)
Triple Point – Phase/transitions (3cd by Pogus)
Massimo Berizzi – (Cd by Diplodisc)
Alessandro Monti – Spiritdzoe (Cd by Diplodisc)
Diplocomp – a Diplodisc Sampler (Cd by Diplodisc)
Michael Vorfeld – Skin (Cd by Nurnichtnur) *
Harry Merry – Orama a-delic Palooza O-matic (Cd by Blowpipe) *
Rhodri Davies &Amp; John Butcher – Routing Lynn (Cd by Ftarri) *
Ecovillage – One Step Above (Cd by Plop) *
Eisuke 000ka – Road of the Sun (Cd by Oversoul Sound Studio) *
Azizy – Chelidron (Cd by Kaico) *
Francisco Meirino – Beyond Repair (Cd by Sincope) *
Tom James Scott – Teal (Lp by Skire Records)
Cavern of Anti-matter – Total Availability and the Private Future/cluster of Rainbows (7″ by Peripheral Conserve)
Jliat – Drone Survival Guide (Cdr by Jliat) *
D’incise – O Esplendor Natural Das Coisas E Inferno (Cdr by Moving Furniture Records) *
Me-w – Two (Cassette by Individual Lines)
Laynegarrett – Assemblages (Cassette by Individual Lines)