Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 30/2014

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Themes and Dances: Shotgun Chamber Trio: Oleg Hollmann Baritone Sax Hannes Buder Guitar Lucía Martínez Drums

Klonk: Malte Bogner Piano Andreas Völk Guitar Jonathan Reiter Drums David Helm Doublebass

No Business
Ascent of the Nether Creatures: Earl Cross – Trumpet/ Idris Ackamoor – Alto and Tenor Saxophone/ Rashied AL Akbar – Bass/ Muhammad Ali – Drums

Plaything: Gianni Lenoci – Piano/ Kent Carter – Bass/ Bill Elgart – Drums

Nieuwe Haring: the Noo Ones

the People Who Left: Keith Kelly – Soprano, Tenor Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Flute / Ari Chersky – Guitar / Shaun Lowecki – Drums and Cymbals / Doug Stuart – Upright Bass

Setola Di Maiale
Ost Quartet: Nico Soffiato, G/ Eli Asher, Tp/ Greg Chudzik, B/ Devin Gray, Dr

Ken Thomson
Settle: Ken Thomson, Bcl, as/ Russ Johnson, Tp/ Nir Felder, G/ Adam Armstrong, B/ Fed Kennedy, Dr

Music for Reeds &Amp; Electronics: Jorrit Dijkstra, as, Elec/ Phillip Greenlief, as, Ts, Cl/ Kyle Bruckmann, Oboe, Eng Hrn, Elec/ Franck Gratkowski, Cl, as/ Jon Raskin

François Carrier
the Russian Concerts Vol 2: François Carrier, as/ Michel Lambert, Dr/ Alexey Lapin, P

Thomas Maintz
Present: Thomas Maintz, G/ Scott Colley, B/ Jonathan Blake, Dr

Kali Z Fasteau
Piano Rapture: Kali Fasteau, P, El P, Organ, Vo/ Kidd Jordan, Ts/ Mixashan Rozie, Ss, FL, Dr/ J D Parran, Afl, Acl/ Ron Mcbee, Perc

Tone Hunting: Anna Kaluza, as/ Artur Majewski, Tp/ Rafal Mazur, Bass Guitar/ Kuba Suchar, Dr, Perc, Kba

AMN Reviews: Anthony Braxton – Trio (New Haven) 2013 (2014; Tri-Centric Foundation)

nbh903_coverComposer and saxophonist Anthony Braxton has released many recordings with rather creative lineups, including one for 100 tubas, another for four orchestras, and many for various more conventional combinations of instruments. Here, he enlists the skills of veteran percussionists Tom Rainey and Tomas Fujiwara in a trio format. Recorded live over the course of two nights at New Haven’s Firehouse 12 in February of last year, Braxton and company stretch out their directed improvisations through four one-hour sets.

This said directed improvisation is the result of the group following one of Braxton’s systems, Falling River Music. It might be impossible for anyone but the players themselves to know how much structure this notation system provides. Apparently, abstract painting is combined with Braxton’s graphical notation to guide (but not control) the music. Still, the listener need not consider this issue too deeply – the music speaks for itself.

Throughout this long recording, Braxton, Rainey, and Fujiwara play together, with a few short breaks for duo work. Particularly, Rainey and Fujiwara play rhythm to one another as well as to Braxton.  The first set focuses on Braxton laying down melodic structures, with the trio coming together and pulling apart around these melodies. In the second set, Braxton uses bassier instruments to evoke more growling, while Rainey and Fujiwara engage in percussion duos. The third set is more free and disjointed with Braxton focusing on the soprano sax. The fourth set features percussive rattling under Braxton’s improvisations.

I often find myself exhausted after listing to a multiple-CD release such as this one. But after listening to this trio for a full afternoon, I felt refreshed, perhaps due to the variety within each set. And the music on this recording certainly isn’t limited to the descriptions above. Braxton, Rainey, and Fujiwara cover a broad expanse of styles, weaving between structure and lack thereof. Another compelling release from a living legend.

November at the Spectrum

English: *description: Joe McPhee at the Empty...
Joe McPhee

From New York’s Spectrum:

– Cantata Profana (Nov. 14)

– Minor Music Marathon hosted by Jesse Krakow (Nov. 15)

– The Music of Janis Mercer curated by Lester St. Louis (Nov. 15)

– Tentative: Halcyon Chamber Series; Luke Krafka, cello et al. (Nov. 15)

– Ramin Arjomand’s Series, Reinterpretations (Nov. 16)

– Ana Cervantes (Nov. 16)

– Music of Molly Thompson with Kathleen Supove, James Moore, Isabelle O’Connell, Kamala
Sankaram, Pamela Stein, Eric Clark & Owen Weaver (Nov. 16)

– Gabriel Zucker presents Tuesdays on the Spectrum (Nov. 18)
The Delegation

– Joel Forrester presents Jazz Piano Salon (Nov. 18)

– Ambient-Chaos hosted by Robert Pepper (Nov. 19)
Claudio Quartero & Robert Pepper; more TBA

– Jane Ash and Susan Seliger present Music and Stories to Get You Rockin & Rollin’ (Nov. 20)
Featured Guests: Jim O’Grady & Deni Bonet Trio

– Ecouter Ensemble in town from Montreal presenting “Three,” an original new music production
featuring music & 7 short films (Nov. 21)

– Dre Hocevar Trio curated by Lester St. Louis (Nov. 21)

– Overunder (Nov. 21)

– Mick Rossi’s Outliers Series with Music for Three Musicians (Nov. 22)
Mick; Kermit Driscoll & Charles Descarfino

– ampli2: Christopher Clarino & Clara Warnaar (Nov. 22)

– Warp Trio; andPlay (Nov. 23)

– Tentative: Kris Wettstein (Nov. 23)

– Brian Ellingsen (Nov. 23)

– Torben Snekkestad & David Whitwell in town from Denmark (Nov. 24)

– Michael Durek: Salon Moderne (Nov. 24)

– Adrianna Mateo (Nov. 29)

– Composers Concordance Anniversaries Festival (Nov. 29)
6th Annual Composers-Play-Composers Marathon
“Wingjammer” – celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Buffalo Wing

– A Microscope Album Release show with Grey Mcmurray (Nov. 30)

– Kathleen Tagg’s New Sounds Africa Series (Nov. 30)
Tentative guest: Lukas Ligeti

New From NoBusiness Records

English: Billy Bang at the Vision Festival, 20...
English: Billy Bang at the Vision Festival, 2008-06-11. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out now and coming soon from NoBusiness Records:

Dave Burrell & Steve Swell – “Turning Point”
Billy Bang & William Parker – “Medicine Buddha”
Ted Daniel’s Energy Module – “Inerconnection”
Barry Guy – “Five Fizzles For Samuel Beckett”
Juan Pablo Carletti, Tony Malaby, Christopher Hoffman – “NIÑO / BRUJO”
ROIL – Chris Abrahams, Mike Majkowski, James Waples – “Raft of the Meadows”

Artists-In-Residence in 2015 at the ISSUE Project Room

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

ISSUE Project Room is pleased to announce the selection of our 2015 Artists-in-Residence: Lea Bertucci, Kim Brandt, Dawn Kasper, Mariana Valencia, Evan Calder Williams, and C. Spencer Yeh.

Lea Bertucci will develop new works for instruments, speaker feedback, and tapes in spatialized, multichannel formats, occupying a space between performance and installation.

Kim Brandt will investigate applications of choreographic method, formal and ideological systems to the body in a new dance work.

Dawn Kasper will create MUSIC FOR MATTER VS ANTIMATTER, a new visual score for of bells, drums and layered analog sound. Inspired by the encounter of particles and antiparticles as theorized in particle physics, this proposed work aims to culminate into the generative development of a sculptural environment as performative composition.

Mariana Valencia will develop ORIGINATORS, a movement structure for five performers denoting texture, echo, light, color, and weight. With these themes as base, ORIGINATORS can become a structure, a landscape, a commune, a voice and a vision.

C. Spencer Yeh will realize new projects traversing modes of improvisation, composition, and installation.

Evan Calder Williams will focus on the theme of ornament, creating a new text-based performance and video work titled The Grammar of Ornament, after an 1856 design sourcebook.

Gutbucket Stone Residency

From Gutbucket:

For this residency celebrating their 15th anniversary, Gutbucket will devote multiple sets to recording a live album scheduled for release in 2015 on esteemed avant-music label Cuneiform Records. The album, which will be ensemble’s 6th, will feature a brand new set of material that each of the band’s four members has written over the past year. Alongside these exciting new pieces, Gutbucket will showcase a fascinating array of other musics, including collaborations with JACK Quartet and Tigue; a long-awaited revival of Gutbucket’s film+live score work; premieres by the new music trio Bearthoven and Tzadik Records quartet Bop Kabbalah; a deep dig into rarities and favorites from Gutbucket’s back catalog, a set of Ken Thomson’s chamber music; a rare live set of improvisations; and a bonanza chamber group with special guest musicians on the last night. Don’t miss this very special week at The Stone, filled with astonishing music by and/or in celebratory collaboration with the staggeringly wonderful Gutbucket band.

Gutbucket is Ty Citerman (guitar), Adam D. Gold (drums), Pat Swoboda (bass) and Ken Thomson (saxophone).

The Stone, New York City
Located at the corner of
Avenue C and 2nd Street

November 18
8 PM – Gutbucket and strings with JACK Quartet
10 PM – Chamber music of Ken Thomson

November 19
8 PM – Gutbucket and percussion with Tigue
10 PM – Bearthoven

November 20
8 PM – Gutbucket live record taping
10 PM – Gutbucket No Ink

November 21
8 PM – Gutbucket live record taping
10 PM – Gutbucket movie night:
with “Night Mail” and “The Magic Life of Milarepa”

November 22
8 PM – Gutbucket live record taping
10 PM – Bob Kabbalah

November 23
8 PM – Gutbucket live record taping
10 PM – Gutbucket Chamber Orchestra (the finale)