Vital Weekly 955

From Vital Weekly:

Cicada Dream Band (Cd by Gruenrekorder)
Seth Cluett – Forms of Forgetting (Cd by Line) *
Tarab – I’m Lost (Cd by 23five Incorporated) *
Tim Olive &Amp; Nick Hoffman – No Flag (Cd by Copy for your Records) *
Nick Hoffman – Barbarous Tongues (Cd by Gravity Swarm Recordings) *
Günter Schickert &Amp; Pharaoh Chromium – Oxtlr (2cd by Grautag Records) *
Blackhumour – Selected Pieces (Cd by Noise-below) *
Norberto Lobo – Fornalha (Cd by Three:four Records) *
Hakobune – Vitex Negundo (Cd by Empiric Records) *
Marsen Jules – Marsen Jules at Grm (Cd by Oktaf Records) *
Chrs Galarreta/anton Mobin – Abandon Debit (Cd by Felt Collective) *
Chrs Galarreta &Amp; Janneke Van Der Putten – Invisible Architecture (Lp by Aloardi)
Sajjra (Cdr by Aloeardi) *
Asi Mina – Bialo (Cd by Mik Musik/bolt Records) *
Lautbild – Proletkult (Cassette by Mik Musik)
Saw – No Way Black (Lp by Lamour)
DJ Marcelle – Another Nice Mess Meets Most Soulmates at Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory (2lp by Klangbad)
Sureau/rocco &Amp; Mimmo – the Leuven Concert (Cdr by Setola Di Maiale)
Steven Vinkenoog – Nocturnes (Cassette by Oggy Records)
Simon Whetham – from the Mouths of Clay (Cassette by the Helen Scarsdale Agency)

New Orleans HIP Fest Coming Next Week

English: Gianluca Petrella live at Saalfelden ...
English: Gianluca Petrella live at Saalfelden 2009

From N.O.I.S.E.:

Tuesday November 11th – Trio & Duo Night – Gianluca Petrella/Jeff Albert – Rob Mazurek/Nathan Lambertson/Simon Lott – William Parker/James Singleton – Gianluca Petrella /Cliff Hines/Marcello Benetti – Rob Mazurek/Cliff Hines – William Parker/Jeff Albert/Dave Cappello

Wednesday November 12th – William Parker/Gianluca Petrella/Rob Mazurek with Johnny Vidacovich – plus redrawblak featuring Brad Walker/ Paul Thibodeaux/Aurora Nealand/James Singleton

William Parker at Hartford’s Aetna Theater Reviewed

William Parker
William Parker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From WNPR News:

“We’ll all be on our feet, ready to spar, to react, to move immediately and be open to the moment and what’s going to happen because I think that’s the key,” the legendary cutting-edge bassist/composer/bandleader William Parker said of his performance this weekend at the historic Aetna Theater at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art.

Fay Victor Interview

From Jazz Right Now:

Vocalist Fay Victor has been at the center of a number of interesting and innovative musical groups since returning to New York City in 2003. Her longstanding Fay Victor Ensemble has released a series of acclaimed albums, most recently Absinthe & Vermouth (2013). Her previous release, Freesong Suite (2009), remains one of the most forward-looking vocal albums of the past decade, combining her rich vocal work with abstract ideas grounded within a rare aesthetic palette.

Victor is also quite effective in the duo setting. Her longest-standing association is with guitarist Anders Nilsson. Victor is also constantly breaking ground with new musicians, such as her duo with guitarist Brandon Seabrook which is performing for the first time this month.