AMN Reviews and Interviews: October 2014

Last month we published the following reviews and interviews:

Ann Starr – Sounding Our Depths: The Music of Morgan Powell
U SCO – Treffpunkt
Tomas Fujiwara Trio – Variable Bets
Dub Mentor featuring Yan Jun – Guns of Brixton
Ron Nagorcka – Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art
Polbrone – o-nulu
Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP – Return the Tides
Grego Applegate Edwards – Travels in Tyme
Scott Walker & Sunn O))) – Soused
Salvatore Martirano – The SalMar Construction
Robin Rimbaud & Scanner
Happy Family – Minimal Gods

Darius Jones
Keir Neuringer

Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Cover of Carl Michael von Hausswolff

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

Marcus Schmickler
& Yarn/Wire
German experimentalist Marcus Schmickler, also known as Pluramon, premieres a new microtonal work composed for keyboard and percussion ensemble Yarn/Wire, juxtaposing fixed pitch with pitch continua. Schmickler also presents a new eight-channel electronics work tracing parallels between linguistics and sound.

TUE 11/11- THU 11/13 8PM
ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE: Raúl De Nieves & Colin Self: The Fool – Free to Members

SAT 11/15 8PM
Rashad Becker / Eli Keszler

FRI 11/21 8PM
Madalyn Merkey / Battle Trance – Pre-concert Member Party

WED 12/03 8PM
Kim Gordon & Loren Connors / Gary War – Going fast!

FRI 12/05 7PM
SWEDISH ENERGIES: Carl Michael von Hausswolff / Frederikke Hoffmeier /Daniel Rozenhall & Sten Backman / Christine Abdelnour & Joachim Nordwall / Jenny Sunesson

SAT 12/06 6PM
SWEDISH ENERGIES: Ellen Arkbro / The Sons of God / Kristina Matousch / Stephen O’Malley / Maria w Horn

DMG Newsletter October 31st, 2014

From DMG:

The Stick Men (Tony Levin/Markus Reuter/Pat Mastelotto]! The Gate [Dan Peck/Tom Blancarte/Brian Osborne] + Nate Wooley & Tim Dahl! Matt Nelson Solo Sax LP! Lennie Tristano/Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh/Willie Dennis 1951 Live Rarity!

Charles Lloyd/Gabor Szabo/Ron Carter/Peter La Roca! Bud Powell/Zoot Sims/Pierre Michelot/Kenny Clarke! Three from Daniele Cavallanti! Tom Blancarte Solo Contrabass LP! Thollem McDonas & Sara Lund! Plus Rarities from ICP Orchestra! and Freaky Music from Transparency!


The DMG Free In-Store Music Schedule Continues with:

A RARE SATURDAY, November 1st Performance:
6pm: KIM MYHR – Experimental Solo Acoustic Guitar! (From MURAL!)

Sunday, November 2nd:

Sunday, November 9th:

Sunday, November 30th:


Coming to EMPAC

From Troy NY’s EMPAC:

Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon’s Immersive Soundscape Invites You to Listen to the Architecture

The act of listening relies not only on a sound source and an audience to receive the sound. The space through which the sound travels—bounces, echoes, reverberates, dissipates—provides a shape and geometry to the listening experience. With her newly commissioned piece, The Only Thing That Makes Life Possible is Not Knowing What Comes Next, artist Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon has created an interconnected series of listening rooms to reveal the often-forgotten control over hearing that audiences have. The immersive soundscape will debut at the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (110 8th St., Troy) Friday, November 14, and Saturday, November 15 at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

Drawing its title from a passage in Ursula K. Le Guin’s science-fiction classic The Left Hand of Darkness, in which the denizens of a speculative planet are free to choose and re-choose their social identities and roles, The Only Thing That Makes Life Possible is Not Knowing What Comes Next will use 30 channels of audio and a variety of building materials to create an environment that will be experienced differently depending on the number of audience members present and how they explore the space. As listeners move, they are made aware of the parameters of the room and how they can actually control what they are hearing by altering their movement. Each modular wall erected in EMPAC’s Studio 1–Goodman will consist of a different material (acrylic, steel, clothe, plywood, etc.), creating “zones” that will reflect and diffuse the sound produced from a ring of loudspeakers in distinct ways.

Two New-Music Ensembles Challenge the Limits of the Quartet Formula

First, on Friday, November 14, at 8 p.m., The Mivos Quartet, one of the most sought-after string quartets in the international new-music scene, will premiere a new work by American composer Eric Wubbels, developed in residence at EMPAC. Titled being time, the piece is an audio variation on the psychological experience of time. Extending nearly an hour, being time moves from sections of extreme slowness and static sustains to high-energy plateaus of dense, saturated sound textures. Partitioned into four “panels,” each section will emphasize a different aspect of musical time. Tempi and durations in the piece are determined at various times by the audible beating speed of closely tuned intervals, and by the rate of the players’ speech, heart rates, and breath cycles. In the final sequence, quadraphonic electronic sound pushes the performance into an altogether new dimension, creating vivid psychoacoustic illusions by using extremely high sine waves. The effect builds on Maryanne Amacher’s pioneering work with otoacoustic sounds—ones that seem to originate within the listeners’ ear—using the body as a resonator for frequencies that border on infra- and ultrasound, at the limits of human hearing. The effect is to make some aspects of the structure and presence of time audible, palpable, and experientially immediate.

Then, on Saturday, November 15, at 8 p.m., explosive new-music ensemble Yarn/Wire brings a brand new performance to EMPAC. Centered around two pianists and percussionists, Yarn/Wire uses a combination of thundering rhythms, unconventional sounds, and precision execution. The ensemble has quickly become a key player in the American new-music scene, driven by their adventurous programming and dedication to performing music from young composers. Their performance in the Concert Hall will include David Brynjar Franzson’s The Negotiation of Context (recorded and produced at EMPAC), as well as a series of shorter new works by Thomas Meadowcroft, Ann Cleare, and Chiyoko Szlavnics.

Upcoming Anthony Braxton Releases

From the Tri-Centric Foundation:

We are currently working on two digital download albums to be released in December: Composition No. 46 (+168 and Language Music) and Composition No. 146 (Moogie and Stetson). Both were recorded this past April at Roulette during the Tri-Centric Music Festival. Preview audio samples available on our SoundCloud page at Composition No. 146 is will be a free holiday gift for website members, and available to non-members at a special holiday price. Please stay tuned.

Also in the works is the Trillium J DVD, recorded live at Roulette during the Tri-Centric Music Festival, scheduled for release next summer. We recently had a special pre-screening event at Roulette for performers and production personnel (photos below). We are still in the final editing stages, but it is looking spectacular. The DVD will be released along with a studio recording of the opera.

3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011, a 3-CD set documenting Braxton’s newest composition system, Echo Echo Mirror House Music, featuring Braxton’s long-running septet with Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Jessica Pavone (viola), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Jay Rozen (tuba), Carl Testa (bass) and Aaron Siegel (percussion) to be released from Firehouse 12 Records.