Newsbits: Cage on Recordings / State of Jazz / Hamburg Sound Art / Tapscott Reissue

John Cage
Cover of John Cage

John Cage‘s dislike for recordings is explored.

An article discusses the state of jazz while contrasting the latest archival Coltrane release with the new cover of Kind of Blue from Mostly Other People do The Killing.

On 3 November, dozens of sound artists and musicians from across the world will recreate a day in the life of Hamburg of the city as part of the global Cities and Memory programme. Hamburg: A day in sound is an sonic diary and sound map telling the tale of one day in the life of the real Hamburg, and also its imaginary counterpart. Throughout a 24-hour period artists from ten countries will construct a sonic artifice from their interpretation of the sounds. Based in ten different countries, ranging from Canada to South Africa as well as natives of Hamburg itself, the sound artists have reimagined, remixed and reinterpreted the sounds of the German port on their own terms.

A reissue of the classic Horace Tapsoctt recording The Giant is Awakened garners a lengthy review.