Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland in Istanbul this Week

Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland | Istanbul 2014.

22 October, 21.30 @ Salon IKSV
Tickets: 35 TRY
Contemporary music ensemble Kwartludium will be collaborating with guitarist Caglayan Yildiz to “deconstruct” works by Polish-ottoman musician Wojciech Bobkowski (known as Ali Ufki).

Rafał Mazur, Dominik Strychalski,
Umut Çağlar, Korhan Futacı
23 October, 21.30 @ Salon IKSV
Tickets: 35 TRY
Rafal Mazur and Dominik Strychalski will collaborate with Istanbul’s Umut Çaglar and Korhan Futaci, to perform a truly unique event with a repertoire created just one day prior to the performance.

Zorka Wollny, Songs of Resistance
24 October, @ Mixer
Free admission
Award-winning visual artist Zorka Wollny will present a collaboration with two Boğaziçi University choirs – Jazz Choir (dir. Ayşegül Begüm Kuntman) and Rock Choir (dir. Sena Senceylan) aiming to analyse the nature of voice as a form of expressing feelings of fury and anger.

Krzysztof Topolski and Hubert Zemler,
Drum Channels
25 October, @ Venue: MIAM
Free admission
The ‘Drum Channels’ project sees Krzysztof Topolski
collaborate with Hubert Zemler for field recording sessions, installation, local cymbal making workshops and a performance of Polish sixties experiential music.