Portland in October

From Portland’s Creative Music Guild:

Outset Series Programming
October 2014
Revival Drum Shop, 2045 SE Ankeny
All shows begin 8 PM (ends by 10)
Sliding Scale $5-$15. All ages.
October 1 – Brumes and Douglas Detrick
October 15 – Warm Trash and ABSV


Brumes is an experimental duo formed by roommates Susana Feliz and Desiree` Rousseau in 2012. Originally Brumes began as a solo looped based ambient project and has evolved into orchestrated atmospheric sounds including keys, guitar, harp and vocals. They will be debuting their third album, Sounding in Fathoms, later this summer. (http://brumes.bandcamp.com)

Douglas Detrick

Douglas Detrick is a Portland, Oregon-based composer, trumpet player, and arts consultant whose work in these diverse areas is distinguished by its quiet thoughtfulness and its embrace of good ideas from unconventional sources. He was awarded the 2011 Chamber Music America New Jazz Works and Presenting Jazz grants for his work with his chamber-jazz quintet Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble, and the commissioned work “The Bright and Rushing World” was premiered at New York’s Jazz Gallery in 2012 and performed throughout the United States. He is currently the Executive Director of the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble, and performs in Oregon as well as touring nationally. (www.douglasdetrick.com)

Warm Trash

Jason (Warm Trash) started his musical career as a solo performer in 2001 with the first live shows of the idiosyncratic routine recording project. It soon became clear that one person’s worth of sound was just not enough. Flash forward 12 years, several pedals, and as many bands(drowning dolphins, chrome wings, cat fancy!, best supporting actress, k-tel, the bedrooms, others…) and luck has brought looping into the picture, and all the sudden, there is much MORE SOUND…and signing and playing drums just takes a little patience, and suddenly, playing live alone seems like a more viable option. (www.facebook.com/warm.trash)


Jason Morales is ABSV. Chance Operations. Rhythm and Noise. Musique concrète in Dub. Found Sound, Feedback, Synthesis. Reverb, Filter, Delay. (https://soundcloud.com/absv)