Upcoming Shows at Trinosophes

From Detroit’s Trinosophes:

Friday and Saturday, Sept. 26 & 27: Phil Ranelin’s 75th birthday celebration with Vibes From The Tribe (Jaribu Shahid, Rod Williams, Djallo Djakate)-plus the grand-opening of the Michigan Audio Heritage Society Museum (MAHS Museum) !!!!!

Oct. 4-7: Thollem/Clem Fortuna residency
One of the most wide-rarnging artist working today, pianist Thollem McDonas has had several long-term projects happening in Detroit since he first visited Bohemian National Home back in 2006. One of these is his fabulous multiple micro-tonal piano project with local composer/musician Clem Fortuna. To further develop the project, Thollem will be doing a residency at Trinosophes culminating in a piano concert with Clem, and performance by another on-going Detroit project, The Soar Quartet.

Monday, October 6: Thollem McDonas/Clem Fortuna microtonal piano concert
This third iteration of Thollem and Clem’s collaboration will feature pianos in three different and tuning systems. Unlike the previous versions, where Thollem performed solo on multiple pianos that Clem tuned, this time will have portions where both collaborators perform together.

Coming Soon

Nov. 8: Virgil Moorefield
Nov.10: Kevin Drumm and Jason Lascaleet
Nov. 20: Steve Swell/Frode Gjerstadt