Vital Weekly 949

Composer Thomas Newman at Classic Brit Awards ...
Composer Thomas Newman at Classic Brit Awards in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Vital Weekly:

Thomas Newman &Amp; Rick Cox – 35 Whirlpools Below Sound (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
Michael Jon Fink – from a Folio (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
Sensaround – Isotropes (Cd by Hellosquare Recordings) *
Karl J. Paloucek – Sail (Cd by Latest Flame) *
Alessio Riccio – Ninshubar (Cd by Unorthodox Recordings)
Fuyuru0 – Esthesia (Cd by Fumin.) *
Little Phrase – Find your Sense (Cd by Nature Bliss) *
Reet – Eesti Rahvalaule (Cd by Panai) *
G.i.a.s.o. (Cd by Fibrr) *
Pacific 231 &Amp; Bardoseneticcube – the Traditions of Changes (Cd by Silken Tofu) *
Jean-claude Eloy – Borderlines (Cd by Hors Territoires) *
Dnmf – Dnmf [Dead Neanderthals &Amp; Machinefabriek] (Lp by Moving Furniture)
Schrein – Einszweinschrein (Lp by Meudiademorte)
Jada – the Vaults (Double 10″ by Cosmic Volume/innerlandscapes)
IL Grande Silenzio – Dry Lake/empty Kettle (7″ by Meeuw Muzak)
Duke St. Workshop – Cabin 28 (Cdr by Static Caravan) *
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – a Long Walk on Water (Cdr/book by Some) *
Stereocilia – Growing (Cdr, Private) *
Mark O’leary – Elektronische Music (Cdr by Tibprod Italy)
Mark O’leary – Markets (Cdr by Tibprod Italy) *
Static Sound – West Will Never Be a Muslim’s Land (Cdr &Amp; Download by Static Sound)
Socrates Martinis – North (3″ Cdr and Booklet by More Mars)
Visitors – Hello World (Cassette by Barreuh Records) *