AMN (Retro) Picks of the Week: Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza / Yves Beaupre / Sergio Barroso / Denis Dufour / Denis Smalley

Recently I had the opportunity to purchase almost 50 used CDs at a very good price. I’m slowly going through these and will be posting some of the better ones in a few special “retro” Picks of the Week articles. Enjoy.

Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – Azioni (1967-1969)
Yves Beaupre – Humeur de Facteur (2001)
Sergio Barroso – Délirantes (1996)
Denis Dufour – Dix Portraits (1984)
Denis Smalley – Impacts intérieurs (1992)
Denis Smalley – Sources Scenes (2000)

Vital Weekly 949

Composer Thomas Newman at Classic Brit Awards ...
Composer Thomas Newman at Classic Brit Awards in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Vital Weekly:

Thomas Newman &Amp; Rick Cox – 35 Whirlpools Below Sound (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
Michael Jon Fink – from a Folio (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
Sensaround – Isotropes (Cd by Hellosquare Recordings) *
Karl J. Paloucek – Sail (Cd by Latest Flame) *
Alessio Riccio – Ninshubar (Cd by Unorthodox Recordings)
Fuyuru0 – Esthesia (Cd by Fumin.) *
Little Phrase – Find your Sense (Cd by Nature Bliss) *
Reet – Eesti Rahvalaule (Cd by Panai) *
G.i.a.s.o. (Cd by Fibrr) *
Pacific 231 &Amp; Bardoseneticcube – the Traditions of Changes (Cd by Silken Tofu) *
Jean-claude Eloy – Borderlines (Cd by Hors Territoires) *
Dnmf – Dnmf [Dead Neanderthals &Amp; Machinefabriek] (Lp by Moving Furniture)
Schrein – Einszweinschrein (Lp by Meudiademorte)
Jada – the Vaults (Double 10″ by Cosmic Volume/innerlandscapes)
IL Grande Silenzio – Dry Lake/empty Kettle (7″ by Meeuw Muzak)
Duke St. Workshop – Cabin 28 (Cdr by Static Caravan) *
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – a Long Walk on Water (Cdr/book by Some) *
Stereocilia – Growing (Cdr, Private) *
Mark O’leary – Elektronische Music (Cdr by Tibprod Italy)
Mark O’leary – Markets (Cdr by Tibprod Italy) *
Static Sound – West Will Never Be a Muslim’s Land (Cdr &Amp; Download by Static Sound)
Socrates Martinis – North (3″ Cdr and Booklet by More Mars)
Visitors – Hello World (Cassette by Barreuh Records) *

AMN Reviews: France Jobin – The Illusion of Infinitisemal (Baskaru)

If you put music to images of cells as seen under a super-resolution microscope (like these), this is what it might sound like. France Jobin (aka i8u) composes the barely seen into the barely heard. The three pieces on The Illusion of Infinitisemal are each petite, graceful, moiré patterns constantly in flux and very, very quiet. Unlike the microscope, you can only amplify so far. Though grouped under three titles, each track is in fact a cluster of ambient narrative miniatures. Revolving slowly, expanding infinitely outward and metastasizing benignly into something entirely unheard-of, as long as you listen closely.

Stephen Fruitman

Ches Smith Interview

From Jazz Right Now:

Drummer Ches Smith has been a part of a number of cutting-edge ensembles in New York since coming to the city in 2008. He is known for his eclectic style and his ability to play a part in a diverse range of musics. Most notably, he has led his band Ches Smith and These Arches, performed solo in Congs for Brums, and co-led the band Good for Cows with bassist Devin Hoff. He has also played a critical role as a sideperson in Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, Mary Halvorson’s Trio, Quintet, and Septet, Brian Drye’s Bizingas, and for work with Matana Roberts, Tim Berne, Trevor Dunn, and other high profile musicians on the New York scene.

Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

Cover of 灰野敬二

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

THU, SEPTEMBER 18 – 8:00PM ($12-15)
Felix Kubin / Lary 7
A lovechild of the home recording era, Kubin is among electronic music’s most versatile performers, with activities straddling pop, radio plays, electroacoustic music, and works for chamber orchestra. Kubin’s music is saturated with enthusiasm for disharmonic pop, industrial noise, and the 20th-century avant-garde, presented live in a theatrical stance both playful and challinging.

Multimedia alchemist Lary 7 coaxes profane, inscrutable sounds and images from various mysterious devices. Tonight he performs solo with a new construction, built from the guts of vintage and forgotten electronic instruments and technologies.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 – 8:00PM ($15-20)
SOLD OUT! Keiji Haino & Tony Conrad / Okkyung Lee
Legend of the Japanese underground Keiji Haino is back in Brooklyn, taking the stage in a special duo with Tony Conrad. These master improvisers of experimental music first joined forces in 2006, this is their first NY duo appearance since 2009. The dynamic cellist Okkyung Lee, celebrated for her raw and deeply tactile solo improvisations, opens the evening.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 – 7:00PM ($15-20)
Keiji Haino / xNOBBQx / X Wave
EARLY SHOW! Keiji Haino performs a unique solo set for percussion. He is joined by two high-energy experimental rock outfits out of Brisbane, the heart of Australia’s underground, X Wave— tonight in an expanded six-piece lineup— and xNOBBQx.


Wed, October 1 – 8:00pm
Peter Jefferies

Sat, October 4 – 3:00pm – Free family show
Sat, October 4 – 8:00pm – w/ Monster Island
The Legend of Mothman & Spookhaus Apokalypse!

Wed, October 8 – 8:00pm
Space Noise: films of Takashi Makino

Thu, October 9 – 8:00pm
Yarn/Wire/Currents: Ann Cleare, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Øyvind Torvund

Thu, October 16 – 8:00pm
Fri, October 17 – 8:00pm
Elliott Sharp: Port Bou

Thu, October 23 – 8:00pm
Werner Dafeldecker & Valerio Tricoli: Williams Mix Extended