Free Improv in Brighton and London, Oct. 3 and 9

Friday October 3rd 7.30 pm at Brighton Unitarian Church, New Rd, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1UF ( Tickets £10/£8 on the door or in advance from

Thursday October 9th 7.30 pm The Old Church, Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 9ES ( Tickets £10/£8 on the door or in advance from

An evening of structured and free improvisation with some of the leading UK string players

THE SLEEPWALKERS (Gus Garside, full ensemble)

A structured improvisation taking its title from Arthur Koestler’s Book The Sleepwalkers : Man’s Changing Vision of the Universe. A central theme is the changing relationship between faith and reason. The piece is written in a response to the way we have sleepwalked into climate change.

Fourfleckflock (Annie Kerr, string quartet)

Inspired by watching the gentle flecking of birds scouting the sky before massive starling murmurations gather at dusk. The score is a visual interpretation of bird movements seen against the sky and the threads of notation were directly inspired by shapes and rhythms in the bird flight.


Alison Blunt
Sylvia Hallett
Susanna Ferrar
Annie Kerr
Benedict Taylor
Alice Eldridge
Danny Kingshill
Marcio Mattos
David Leahy
Gus Garside