The San Francisco Electronic Music Festival Corrals Academics, Noise Artists, and Cult Experimentalists

Harry Partch (c. 1969), from the cover of The ...
Harry Partch

From East Bay Express:

David Dunn’s biography is a lengthy scroll of academic achievements. It lists grants, lectures, exhibitions, and works (culminating with his current position as founder of the Art & Science Laboratory in New Mexico) all inked in decade-spanning chronology with a quill inherited from his dignified mentor, the storied, American avant-garde composer Harry Partch. Since 2010, multimedia artist Julia Mazawa has performed locally, mostly in illicit venues, with just a turntable and delay pedal, warping vinyl source sounds with a common effect. Now, forget their backgrounds, because both artists are scheduled to perform at the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, an event that corrals divergent experimentalists like Dunn and Mazawa annually. The eclecticism brings underground artists and ivory-tower denizens alike to illuminate a common interest: the margins of electronic sound.