Francis Dhomont concerts in Belgium, Brazil and Germany October 15 to November 1

The is a rough translation of an announcement by Francis Dhomont is an absolute legend in electroacoustic circles and it is good to hear about these activities.

Francis Dhomont presents in creation Cry of the Jackdaw, the third part of the triptych Cycle depths on 15 October 2014 as part of the festival’s Space in Brussels Belgium. On October 26 at the BIMESP 2014 in São Paulo Brazil he will present the American premiere of this new play and a concert of works works From Parmegiani, Savva, Minsburg and Vaggione. Finally the 27 es Tage Neuer Musik in Weimar Germany dedicated a concert birthday on November 1, where he will release four works.

See the event website Space Sound 2014 – 21th International Festival acousmatique Francis Dhomont, Stéphane Roy, Hans Tutschku, João Pedro Oliveira, Tomonari Higaki: 15 to 19 October 2014, Brussels, Belgium

See website presenter BIMESP – BIMESP 2014/10 Bienal Internacional de Música de São Paulo Eletroacústica: October 20 to 31, 2014, São Paulo, Brazil

See the event website 27. Tage Neuer Musik in Weimar – Frankreich – Deutschland: October 29 to November 1, 2014, Weimar, Germany