AMN Reviews: Secluded Bronte – Secluded in Jersey City [pogus 21075-2]

Although this EP-length CD from Secluded Bronte was recorded live in the studio at WFMU in Jersey City, NJ way back in 2002, it still sounds fresh.

The creative process of Secluded Bronte—made up of brothers Jonathan and Adam Bohman and Richard Thomas—seems to be to take a kitchen sink miscellany of toys, objects, appliances and technologies, play them live, and then chop and channel the sounds into a collage. There is a kind of inspired zaniness to the results, but with a shadow behind it, almost as if we’re listening to toy pianos, metal utensils and other household objects being upended by a poltergeist with a dry sense of humor. And it’s this droll undertow that sets Secluded Bronte apart from much acousmatic sound art and lends a welcome splash of irreverence to the art of sonic mayhem.

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