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AMN Reviews: Emiliano Romanelli – 333 Loops (Volume 1) (Terziruolo)

romanelli_333loops1_te02_bigThe longing for eternal concord is written into our DNA and is the outcome of our most optimistic philosophies, from the Torah to Kant´s still much-discussed perpetual peace. Thirteen years after co-founding T um´, Emiliano Romanelli has begun issuing documents of “sound events generated by the homonymous modular system” he designed in 2011.

As he explains, the system he constructed contains “an archive of 333 pre-recorded sound loops produced…by a sound synthesis software played in different acoustic environments… the loops are used as modules in a random process of juxtapositions.” Depending on how it is programmed, 333 Loops could run between 110,889 seconds and 110,889 years, according to Romanelli´s calculations.

This first volume, featuring three extracts running a mere thirty-five minutes combined, was recorded at a festival held on the grounds of a medieval Capuchin monastery in Italy. Despite being so hot-wired, generative music never sounded less artificial. It is a sublime ambience more absorbed than heard, the sound of all of us dissolving into our yearned-for innate amity.

Stephen Fruitman

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