Memories of Demetrio Stratos, 35 years after his death

Italiano: Demetrio Stratos in concerto AREA al...
Demetrio Stratos in concerto AREA

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On 27 October 1976, the University of Milan was being employed. It had been just over a year after the death of Claudio Varalli and Giannino Zibecchi, the Student Movement was merged a few months in the Workers’ Movement for Socialism in the main hall and occupied it was decided to organize a concert. For the occasion he was called one of the most politically engaged and avant-garde of the moment: the Area, which in those days were busy with the recording of the album Maledetti (maudits), with the collaboration of international artists such as Paul Lytton and Steve Lacy.

From that concert, recognized by members of the group as one of their live ‘strange’, the album will stretch Event ’76: a live album consisting solely of three tracks: Chaos (Part One) , Chaos (Part Two) and Event ’76. Maledetti was the group’s fifth album, which was formed in ’72 around the figure of Demetrio Stratos, former frontman of the Rebels. The first training was composed by Victor Edouard Busnello on horns, bassist Patrick Djivas, Leandro Gaetano keyboardist, guitarist and drummer Johnny Lambizi and Giulio Capiozzo, although Lambizi Leandro and would soon be replaced by Paolo Tofani, former guitarist of the Caliphs, and the young keyboardist Patrick Fariselli

Stratos was an amazing vocalist and Area’s recordings still sound fresh 40 years later. A nice tribute.