Upcoming New York Shows

Matthew Shipp
Cover of Matthew Shipp

From Arts for Art:

Monday Evolving Finale ALL STARS
WHEN: Final Monday, 4 sets beginning at 7:30
WHERE: Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk St – between Delancey & Rivington NYC
TICKETS: $11 per set / $16 for two sets / $22 for three sets
students & seniors : $8 per set / $12 for two sets / $16 for three sets
FINAL SET FREE with paid adm to any other set or $6 for only last set.

Monday, July 28

7:30 PM John Hebert TRIO
Abraham Burton – sax
John Hebert – bass
Eric McPherson – drums

8:45 PM Juan Pablo Carlleti Trio
Juan Pablo – drums
Tony Malaby – tenor sax
Chris Hoffman – cello

10:00 PM Wooley/Laubrock/Corsano
Nate Wooley – trumpet
Ingrid Laubrock – tenor sax
Chris Corsano – drums

Saturday, August 9 at Shapeshifter

7:30 PM Admission $15
18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY

AUM Fidelity Dual Album Release

7:30 PM Shipp / Jones Cosmic Lieder Duo
Darius Jones – sax
Matthew Shipp – piano

8:45 PM Farmers By Nature
Craig Taborn – piano
William Parker – bass
Gerald Cleaver – drums

Dissident Arts Festival 2014

Saturday AUGUST 16.
6 till 11:30 PM
El Taller Latino Americano
2710 Broadway at 104 Street
Admission $15
Curated by John Pietaro

6 PM Truth To Power
Juan Quinonez – guitar
Mike Bisio – bass
Michael Wimberly – drums

6:30 PM Chris Butters Poet

6:45 PM Bernardo Palombo
Bernard Palombo – guitar, vocals
Others TBA

7:20 PM The Red Microphone
John Pietaro – vibraphone, percussion
Ras Moshe – reeds, flute
Rocco John Lacovone – reeds
Philip Sirois – bass

7:50 PM Sana Shabazz
Sana Shabazz – Poetry
Laurie Towers – electric bass

8 PM UpSurge
Raymond Nat Turner – poetry
Ras Moshe – reeds, flute
Ken Filiano – bass

8:35 PM Sadhana
Will Connell – reeds, flute
Vincent Chauncey – french horn
Max Johnson – bass
Jeremy Carlstedt – drums

9:05 PM Crystal Shipp – Performance Art

9:20 PM Andrea Wolper / Ken Filiano Duo
Andrea Wolper – voice
Ken Filiano – bass

9:50 PM Harmolodic Monk
Matt Lavelle – trumpet, alto clarinet
John Pietaro – vibes, percussion

10:25 PM Dissident Arts Orchestra Battleship Potemkin
John Pietaro – vibes, percussion
Nora McCarthy – vocals
Cheryl Pyle – flute
Ras Moshe – reeds. flute
Rocco John lacovone – reeds
Matt Lavelle – trumpet
Gil Selinger – cello
Laurie Towers – electric bass
Ken Filiano – bass
Others TBA

INGARDENS WILL HAPPEN September / October 2014
Watch out for Special Events around the City

Weekend Nashville Shows: Suzanne Thorpe, Bonnie Jones, Jeremy Bible, Silent Film The Temptress w/ Live Dulcimer Score

From Theatre Intangible:

Just a few short years ago, it was really difficult to find experimental programming in Nashville. But now our city has one of the most active experimental scenes in the country, thanks to the hard work and passion of people like Chris Davis, Leslie Keffer, Brady Sharp, Greg Bryant, Cody Bottoms, and Crom Giguere.

Take for example the evening of Friday, July 25th. Nashville hosts two must-see experimental lineups. At the new Wedgewood/Houston arts venue abrasiveMedia (I wrote about the space in Nashville Arts here), we have the duo Suzanne Thorpe and Bonnie Jones. Thorpe performs on flute, electronics, and laptop, and Jones performs on circuit-bent electronics and spoken word. They’re in town for an electronics workshop at Southern Girls Rock Camp, which I think is fantastic.

The Voight-Kampff Duo (Brady Sharp on prepared guitar and Stephen Seifert on synthesizers) will open. The event, which begins at 8:30 p.m., is organized by Brady Sharp.

On the same evening at Emma Bistro, Chris Davis and Tate Eskew’s experimental art company FMRL is presenting Jeremy Bible, Derek Schartung, Coupler, and Tate Eskew. Bible is an Ohio sound artist and founder of the label Experimedia.

Derek Schartung, Coupler, and Tate Eskew are all amazing local musicians. Dig Deep Light Show will provide the visuals. The FMRL show begins at 9 p.m. I recommend starting the evening at abrasiveMedia and then high-tailing it over to Emma to catch as much of this as you can.

Over at Cult Fiction Underground, they’re screening the silent film The Temptress, starring Greta Garbo, Antonio Moreno, and Lionel Barrymore. What makes this a must-see is the live hammered-dulcimer score by Ricko Donovan. The Temptress is playing at 8p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Of course, I recommend seeing the abrasiveMedia and Emma shows on Friday and catching this Saturday night.

Just Outside Reviews

From Just Outside:

Antoine Beuger – Tschirtner Tunings for Twelve (Another Timbre)
Laurence Crane – Chamber Works 1992 – 2009 (Another Timbre)
Jake Meginsky – L’appel du Vide (open mouth)
Daniel Barbiero/Chris Lynn – Augmented Landscapes (zeromoon)
Strom Varx – A Cogent Heavy High-Technology Works (Agxibatein)
Catherine Lamb – matter/moving (winds measure)
Phil Julian/Ben Owen – between landing (winds measure)
Craig Shepard – On Foot: Brooklyn (Edition Wandelweiser)

Upcoming San Francisco Area Shows

Friday, July 25
Fri 7/25 7:30 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Aaron Novik is among the most prolific and startlingly original voices to emerge from the Bay Area’s independent/underground music scene in the past decade. With influences ranging from klezmer and Balkan music to chamber minimalism to heavy metal, Tropicalia and indie rock, Novik has developed a cohesive, expansive and extremely personal body of work for a variety of ensembles, working with avant-music heroes like Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi, Fred Frith, William Winant, Cornelius Boots, Ches Smith and many others.

Fri 7/25 8:00 PM Old First Concerts [1751 Sacramento San Francisco]
sfSound plays the west coast premiere of compositions by John Zorn, Hans Tutschku, and Christopher Burns and works by Terry Riley, and György Ligeti/Ingalls.

Saturday, July 26

Sat 7/26 8:30 PM Adobe Books [3130 24th St San Francisco]
3 nights of music celebrating the music of local composer Aaron Novik for his 40th birthday.

Sun 7/27 1:00 PM Community Music Center [544 Capp Street SF]
13th Annual Outsound New Music Summit
An OutSpoken Event
Improvisation Workshop with International Touring Artist, Pianist, Composer Thollem McDonas
All musicians and backgrounds welcome to investigate the process of free improvisation.

Sun 7/27 7:00 PM Community Music Center [544 Capp Street SF]
13th Annual Outsound New Music Summit
An OutSpoken Event
Touch the Gear Expo

Sun 7/27 9:00 PM Amnesia [853 Valencia St. Between 19th & 20th San Francisco]
3 nights of music celebrating the music of local composer Aaron Novik for his 40th birthday.

Mon 7/28 8:00 PM Community Music Center [544 Capp Street SF]
13th Annual Outsound New Music Summit
An OutSpoken Event
Improvisation Workshop Concert
Thollem McDonas performs with the Participants of the Improvisation Workshop Ensemble

Mon 7/28 9:00 PM Duende [468 19th Street Oakland]
Oakland Freedom Jazz Society: Orchestra Euphonos and Opera Wolf
Members Crystal Pascucci – Cello Robert Lopez – Percussion Joshua Marshall – Saxophone

Wednesday, July 30
Wed 7/30 7:30 PM Community Music Center [544 Capp Street SF]
13th Annual Outsound New Music Summit
PoetryFreqs – a night of spoken word, poetry, electro-acoustic music, and noise
Zachary James Watkins – Electronics, Marshall Trammell – Percussion, Amber McZeal – Voice
Poet ruth weiss”Goddess of the Beats”
Hal Davis – hollow log & Doug Lynner -Buchla Mystery Serge
Pitta of the Mind
Maw Shein Win: poetry – spoken word, Amanda Chaudhary – Electronics

Wed 7/30 8:00 PM Berkeley Arts [2133 University Avenue Berkeley]
Grale, with Thomas Carnacki

Thursday, July 31
Thu 7/31 7:30 PM Community Music Center [544 Capp Street SF]
13th Annual Outsound New Music Summit
Guitars a showcase of seven talented and provocative guitarists
Henry Kaiser
Amy Reed/Ross Hammond Duo
John Finkbeiner/Noah Phillips Duo
Sandy Ewen/Jakob Pek Duo

Thu 7/31 7:30 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
A live performance and release party for guitarist Giacomo Fiore’s iv: american electric guitars, featuring music by Christian Wolff, Larry Polansky, Eve Beglarian, and Anthony Porter.

Thu 7/31 8:00 PM The ROOM Series (at Royce Gallery) [2901 Mariposa Street (near Harrison), San Francisco, CA]
ROOM: The Body Electroacoustic. The ROOM Series presents an evening of electroacoustic music by composer/performers Donald Swearingen, Jon Leidecker, Pamela Z, and Kadet Kuhne, with special guests Suki O’Kane and Giselle Eastman. Donald Swearingen translates gesture into sound via a series of sensor-based instruments of his making. Jon Leidecker (Wobbly) inscribes gestures on a tablet to generate sonic events. Pamela Z’s hand and vocal gestures deliver and transform live and sampled sounds. Kadet Kuhne layers electroacoustic material while Suki O’Kane and Giselle Eastan’s dexterous gestures excite sonorities from vibraphone, bass drum, and clarinet.

Friday, August 1
Fri 8/01 7:30 PM Community Music Center [544 Capp Street SF]
13th Annual Outsound New Music Summit
Constructions a night that bring two extremes together
Teddy Rankin-Parker/Daniel Pearce Duo
The Deconstruction Orchestra
Josh Allen, conductor, composer and tenor saxophone
Saxophones: Aaron Bennett-alto, Sam Flores-tenor, John Ingle-baritone, Matt Ingalls-alto/clarient, Josh Marshall-tenor, Dan Plonsey-baritone, Dave Slusser-tenor, Vinny Golia-soprano/tenor, Rent Romus-alto, Cory Wright-baritone
Brass: Peter Bonos-trpt, Collete McCaslin-coronet, Matt Gaspari-Flugel, Ron Heglin-tuba, Jeff Hobbs-trpt, George Moore -trpt, Matt Streich-trombone
Rhythm: Henry Kaiser-guitar, John Finkbeiner-guitar Timothy Orr-drums, William Winant-drums, Lisa Mezzacappa-bass, Matt Montgomery-bass